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        ~~~Ava's Pattern Books Page~~~~

        Hello and welcome to my new page. My name is Ava Farrington and I am so happy to be a part of the CoMoWa Co-Op Productions and I look forward to working with the other lovely and talented members of the group.

        Introducing my new book "Tassel O' Beads". This has been a real fun book to put together! I am real excited by how well it is being received.

        There is a collection of 13 tassel patterns. I have written the instructions in a way that you can mix and match the components of the different tassels to create new designs of your own. There are color pictures throught the book of the steps invoved as well as the finished tassels. I will be adding pictures of the other tassels in a week or so when I have a little more time. I will also be adding a link page to suppliers who carry the book, but until it is finished you can contact me at for this information. "Tassel O' Beads" retails for $19.95. Wholesale inquiries also welcome.

        Below you will find information about my book that was published at the begining of 1999.

        Ava Farrington Presents: The Diamond, Heart and Windmill collections.

        Each of the Collections in this book have a necklace, bracelet, earrings & a ring. Each includes step by step instructions for completing each set as well as color graphs of each project.

        The book retails for $19.95

        If you are interested in purchasing these books or would like more information, please contact me at the email link below. Wholesale requests also welcome.


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