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Judy's Kits

Crochet Kits:

New kits to make your own lariats or bracelets.

The beads in the kits are size #5 or #6 beads, most are french "old time" colors and they are lovely. Some of the colors available are copper/lined salmon pink; eggplant; turquoise; clear crystal; blue/lavender/white mix; copper/lined aqua; butterscotch; red; old "crow" dusty rose; dark green; light green; rootbeer; raspberry and lined raspberry. New kits include lots of matte niblets; black niblets; various rainbow or AB niblets.

The following images are of finished necklaces and bracelets showing some of the types of finishing you can do when the lariat is complete, the different focal beads which can be used, supporting accent beads and even a surprise made with tiny, tiny lariats.

This necklace is a closed lariat of crystal beads, with a Karen Ovington focal bead of black/white, matted finish. I added silverlined crystal beads and dangles. NFS

This is a long lariat in mixed yellow/gold 6/0 beads finished with two flattened, matted Ovington beads which I like to call "cave art" style. The larger bead has dangles and the smaller is stabilized with a "stopper" bead from the lariat stock. NFS.

This long lariet is finished with a loop of the lariet as a closure. Bead is a cylinder by Karen Ovington. $350.