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The Many Faces of Elton John

"The clothes I wear
have always been to conceal the fact
that I'm horribly shy"

True Confessions

In an interview with Rolling Stone
magazine, Elton shocked the world
by admitting that he was bisexual;
he would later admit that the
confession was a compromise, since
he was afraid to reveal that he was
homosexual. Many fans reacted negatively
to John's bisexuality, and his audience
began to shrink somewhat in the late
'70s. While his career continued to be
successful, his personal life was
in turmoil.

Since the mid-'70s, Elton had been
addicted to cocaine and alcohol, and
the situation only worsened during the
'80s. In a surprise move, he married
engineer Renate Blauel in 1984; the
couple stayed married for four years,
although John later admitted he realized
he was homosexual before his marriage
to Renate.

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