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The Virtual Bonfire
Due to fire restrictions we have come up with a comprehensive virtual bonfire exhibit which is utilized to discuss bonfire customs in the British Isles.

We broadened the scope to accommodate our local Celtic festivals which are not as tolerant of primarily UK customs as they could be.

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Virtual Bonfire Exhibit
1.Virtual bonfire- fence posts painted with a bit of red and black paint with clear plastic sheet spray painted red and black and orange fastened inside able to blow in the wind.Torches Propped on bonfire.
2.On the bonfire exhibit texts describing aspects of bonfire in NI,ROI,UK,USA.
3.Bell with post describing bell ringing customs.
4.Guy Fawkes-and exhibit text explaining effigy traditions
5.Welcome Table with organization literature and publications.



On the hour we presented the music and folklore and description of a different
bonfire tradition.
In between we talked of our bonfire society and handed out samples of parkin
and bonfire toffee.
We also signed up folk who wished to be contacted in regard to our Nov. 5 celebrations.
A grand time was had by all. The fire was quite effective as it blew in the wind.
One of our members dressed in fancy dress and took the Guy Around to collect
pennies. This was a good opportunity to expand cultural awareness, learn of the
celebrations of others and invite others to join us on November 5.

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