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Frequently asked questions

Q : What are Tifa's mesurements?

A : Hey!!! That's none of your business!!... Pervert

Q : Why didn't you make a shrine for Sephiroth, Vincent or Red XIII???

A : I'll make a Shrine for Barett before making one for those characters... Sephiroth... Come on... would you make a shrine for Kefka??? Or maybe for Garland???

Q : When are you going to make a shrine for Barett??? I think he is so cool!

A : Arg!!!! I won't make any shrine for Barett!!! It was sarcasm! And he is not cool! (But don't misunderstand me, I don't hate him. He's just not cool!)

Q : Do you think that Tifa likes Yuffie as a friend?

A : ...Well... She starts to appreciate her at the end of the game

Q : What is Yuffie's last name? (Hey... isn't this shrine supposed to be dedicated to Tifa???)

A : Yuffie Kisaragi

Q : Does Tifa agree with Cloud's Hairstyle??

A : Of course she do. That's her favorite thing about cloud

Q : Would Tifa Kicks Dan's butt on Request?

A : Of course Not!!!! She would rather kiss him than hit him!

Q : What Kinda underwear does Tifa wears?? (Gya....)

A : Pervert!!! It's none of your business... Well.. The only thing I can say is that she wears white panties.....

Q : Do you think Tifa would be a good mother? Better than Aeris? (At last, a serious quetion!)

A : Aeris would be a better mother. She is.. was.. (*snif*.. thinking of that poor Aeris always makes me cry) more calm and patient than Tifa. Of course, Tifa would still be a good mother! (She would probably train her children as martial artists, though..)

If you have any questions regarding Tifa (Funny or not) Just E-mail me!

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