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Welcome to my humble shrine of the Greatest RPG character ever : Tifa Lockhart!!! She's pretty, she's strong and she is soooo cool! Everywhere I hear : "Sephiroth is great","vincent is cool","Aeris is beautiful","Yuffie is cute (that one is from Sakura)"... and what about about our greatest martial art waitress who wants to save the world with Cloud?? Ok, Ok, I know, Final Fantasy 7 is getting... old, since we're having news of a Final Fantasy 8. But I can't kill this page for such futile matters! Tifa must live in our heart!!! 

Name : Tifa Lockhart

Job : Bar hostess

Age : 20

Height : 5'4"

Birthplace : Nibelheim

Blood Type : B

Tifa grew up in Nibelheim with Cloud. At least, this is what she remember. She asked Cloud, when they were 7 years old, to promise her that if she would be in danger one day, Cloud would come and save her. Cloud the left, and Tifa ended up alone. She later learned Martial art by a traveling old man called Zangan who had stopped in Nibelheim. When she was old enough, she moved to Midgar, the great city, and she joined avalanche. She now work as a barmaid in a run down place of sector 7.

Tifa is stong and beautiful. She always have a word to cheer up the others. And besides, doing all of her Limit breaks (Final heaven) is very cool. Ok, ok... it's not as cool as omnislash (Cloud's Move) but it's great to see our martial artist brunette pummeling those bad guys! Go ahead Tifa! Beat up that stupid Sephiroth and kick his miserable butt! BOOMM!!! BANG!!! When you're around, Cloud and the others have nothing to fear!

Opinion of the WebMaster

I know what I'm about to say doesn't concern Tifa at all, but I need to express myself, and since this page is somehow dedicated to Final Fantasy, I'll do it here. Did you guys heard of Final Fantasy 8??? Well... did you notice something in the final fantasy series? No? Let me help you. Seven FF were made so far, and each of them were very different. Different characters, different worlds, different stories... different all!!! The only link between the Final Fantasies is : the chocobos, the guy named cid, the airships and some of the monsters. What is my point you'll ask me? Well, I'm getting REALLY bored of reading stuff like: "The FF8 hero is Cloud Ancestor" or "The bad guy in FF8 in a Sephiroth spawn" or again "Red XIII will be in FF8". I call that a lack of imagination! In Final Fantasy 8, there will be no Cloud, no Sephiroth, no Red XIII, no Tifa, no Aeris; but there will be a Cid, but not the one we know. So, don't expect any elements from FF7 in FF8, 'cause there won't be any!

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