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The Room With 5 Walls

The Official betchadupa Web Site

This site is dedicated to the band betchadupa. betchadupa are based in New Zealand. They have an e.p. which has been released on Flying Nun Records . It debuted at no. 43 an the New Zealand singles chart.
Check out the new official site at Its much better than this shitty one. I mean look how old all the news is and when the hell was it last updated?
Betchadupa anounce one off Christchurch show at the Dux de Lux on Sat May 13. See Tour dates page for more info.
Thanks to all those who have sent e-mails. I'm sorry we never replied but I'm a extremely slack bastard and I hate computers. Keep sending them, we really appreciate the feed back. To all those who are asking if the e.p. will be released in Austraia, I'm sorry to say it won't be. The "DUPA" boys have yet to get a deal over there.
Check out new news for info on the e.p and the new video for Empty Head.
Make sure you check out the new Aussie movie "The Cut" it features the betchadupa song "Brighter Sound". Unfortuantly the betchadupa name change was a bit late and in the credits of the movie it says," performed by Lazy Boy "
Don't bother alerting me about mistakes on the page (spelling etc.) because I don't really give a shit.

betchadupa's new e.p in stores Febury 2000.

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