Shop Til You Drop

Host: Pat Finn, JD Roberto
Announcer- Mark Walberg, Jason Grant Smith, Dee Baker, Don Priess

Premise: Two teams play silly stunts and answer questions in order to win a trip to an exotic locale.

In round one, the first team to play gets to look at the first stunt, and may either play it, or pass it to team two, but they don't know the other stunt coming. Stunts range from various ways to price merchandise, getting items in a hammock, or predicting the response of the partner. Completing the stunt wins 100 points and a prize chosen from one of seven stores on the mall's ground floor. One store also has the "Shopper's Special" which is a small vacation to a resort in California or Arizona. After both teams get to play, round one ends.

Round two lets team two see the first stunt, and each stunt is worth 200 points and another pick of a store on the upper level.

Round three is the Shopper's Challenge Round. Pat asks questions worth 50 points to the women and men alternating. Questions relate to pop culture, merchandise items, or stores in malls across the country. A wrong answer allows the opposing team to steal the points. After 90 seconds of questions, the team with the most points wins and moves on to the bonus round. If there is a tie, the next in line take the next question, but being wrong gives the win to the opponents.

Bonus Game: "Shop til you Drop": The team has 90 seconds to spend $1,000 in merchandise. Six boxes are on a table, and the team looks inside each box. They must then decide to keep that item or exchange it with a box from any store in the mall. To count, the runner must ring a bell next to the table before time runs out. If he can't, the box doesn't count. After all is said and done, the value of the items is added together, and the team wins a dream vacation if they add to $1,000 or more. No matter what, the team keeps all prizes won in the first two rounds, along with anything in the bonus round. One store out of the fourteen available has an item worth over $300 and is usually key to winning the trip.

Starting with season two, the items in the bonus round increased in value, along with the goal. Now, teams had to "spend" $2,500 in a minute-and-a-half to win the vacation.

Over the Christmas holiday in season two, "STYD" had an hour-long charity special with nine celebrities, in three teams of two and a team of three. Each team got a chance to play a stunt in round one, and it had ten parts or questions. Each completed task was worth 100 points. Round two was the same, with 200 points for each part. The two top-scoring teams moved on to the Shopper's Challenge Round. Each of the questions asked was worth 500 points. The bonus round had more expensive
2004 Revival
All previous versions of STYD had followed the mold of the Lifetime show: stunts, shopper's challenge, bonus game. The 2004 revival turned things around. The players now played all their games from the 'center court' area. Games were no longer stunts, but played along on a computer screen, and ranged from pricing items, matching facts to celebrities, or other areas of pop culture. Completing a stunt allowed one member of the team to go 'shopping in the megastore,' which entailed running to one of the 14 sections in the warehouse-themed set. Rounds two and three have more of same. In the bonus round, teams alternate opening the boxes and exchanging, but they still must pile up $2,500 in merchandise, and one item is worth over $1,000.