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Surnames Known To Be Related to One Gorsha Family
In Alphabetical Order
Adamic Battaglia Braidic Dallman
Dolinar Eichenberger Germ Gorenc
Gornik Gorše Hace Hafemann
Huettl Indihar Ipavec Jasensky
Karnath Kerns Kernz
Knaus Kocell Loushin Lovšin
Lušin Lyons Marquis Meyers
Mix Modic Molnar Moore
Mulholland Oothoudt Platnar Pucelj
Pushel Putzel Puzel Rebovich
Rogish Roglic Roglich Roglicz
Rohsenow Russ Salhavy Schmidt
Thompson Tomsic Vodika White
Williams Zabukovec Zadnik Zaller

This list only includes relatives of one immigrant family.

Page Created: March 21, 1999

Page Updated: October 19, 2005

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