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A Gorsha [Gorše] Family Story

Our story begins near the start of the 19th century in the Austro-Hungarian Empire province which was then known as Carniola where the surname of Gorše is found in records dating back to at least 1498.  It is there that Johannes Pucelj married Maria Lušin or Lovšin.  They appear to have had at least four children, three sons, two of whom became priests, and a daughter, Marija.

Marija Pucelj was born on January 25, 1844 in Gorenja vas near Ribnica, Slovenia.  She grew up there in Gorenja vas 7 and eventually met Tomaz Knaus who lived in Niederdorf 48.  Tomaz was born on December 12, 1830.  Marija and Tomaz were married on November 4, 1867 in Ribnica.  Their marriage was witnessed by Johannes C'ešark and Mathias Lušin.  They had at least four children:  Marija, born April 27, 1870; John, born on September 30, 1872; Agnes, born in 1874; and Johanna born in 1877.  However, Tomaz died in about 1877.

Meanwhile Anton Gorše had married Marija Platnar who gave birth to at least two sons:  Anton and Matt.  Anton was born on July 10, 1846.  After Tomaz Knaus died, Marija Pucelj Knaus was remarried to this younger Anton Gorše from Dolenja vas 67 on February 10, 1879.  The marriage was witnessed by Franz Pogorelec and Johana C'ešarek.

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