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My Comic Book

Jess G. Williams
AKA; Fat Freddy
Retired From AT&T
2683 Rockcliff Road SE
Atlanta Ga. 30316
phone: (404-212-0690)

FINALLY IT'S HERE!!!!! The Long Awaited 1st issue of Jess G. Williams "The Real FAT FREDDY" FREEDOM FIGHTER Adventure Series will be released March 2001. Distribution will be limited at first, but we will be printing 20,000 copies of the first issue to be spread worldwide!!! A lot of folks got together on this comic and we hope it is only the beginning!!!! If you or someone you know has a story about the drug war, let us know about it!!! We are presently accepting contributions for upcoming issues. Artists are encouraged to send examples of their work as well. WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOUR FAT FREDDY ART!!!!! For those of you who are still wondering, This comic features a great mix of true stories from the drug war,as well as, "Smokemon","Capt. Anarchy", and more to come!!!! ISSUE # 1 MARCH 2001 $2.50 32 pgs.(B&W) 2 color cvr. FOR WHOLESALE RATES PLEASE EMAIL OR CALL US!!!!!!!!!!!