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ADULT FanFiction
---------------------- WARNING!!! --------------------- If you are under 18 or are offended by stories of a sexual nature then do not read onů. as this FanFiction depicts sexually explicit acts.

by Damon Nirrep

Kristine Kochanski hated this ship. There was no way around it. She had tried fitting in, like on games night but they didn't know any of her games. She had tried to show them her ways, but after a few hours in Pride and Prejudice world they soon got bored when they found out they couldn't get a leg over with the girls. She'd even just tried ignoring them, but Lister's pathetic attempts to attract her soon caught her attention and the attention of her fist.

As she walked into the shower in her room she turned on the shaded glass, she had made the mistake of leaving it transparent once before and as she came out she saw her door quickly closing. The popcorn on the floor had soon given away the fact that she had become the movie of the week. She wouldn't fall for that again.

She undid her belt and threw it out of the shower. Nextly she pulled her tight red top over her head and threw it out as well. The release of pressure off her breasts felt great. She stroked them gently with her fingers, she got a nice tingly feeling from her nipples as they went hard. Her fingers went down to the crotch in her tight bright red pants. She rubbed her fingers up and down getting her all excited and wet before she remembered she was supposed to be taking a shower. She lowered her pants to the floor and threw them out of the door and closed it.

As she turned on the warm hot water she thought about Lister. Maybe he wasn't really that bad. He meant well and always tried to impress her, maybe he.... Her worldly thoughts faded as she felt the warm water gush across her naked body. She started to fondle her large breasts again and before she could get down to her crotch again she heard her bedroom door open. She gasped in panic and threw her hands to her side. "Don't worry, ma'm it's just me" she sighed in relief to hear Kryten's mechanical voice.

The shower door slid open and she turned off the water. Kryten continued in ignorance folding her bed-sheets and cleaning dust off her walls. He looked up at her naked body for a moment with all the "pointless in and outy bits" as he called them and shook his head. Kochanski stopped herself from laughing at the disturbed droid and then an idea hit her. "Kryten?", "Yes Ma'm" he said as he stopped work and looked at her. "Does you groinal attachment set come with know....erm". Kryten looked confused for a moment then recognised that embarrassed confusion humans often get when they talk about sex. "Do you mean sexual aids?" Kryten asked. "Yeah" said Kristine with an embarrassed smile. "Most of the fancy attachments are back on Red Dwarf and if we ever catch up with it again, I'll get them back but at the moment all I have is one plain basic model." "You don't have any moral beliefs against using them on another crew member, do you?" Kochaski asked, still a bit withdrawn, although she often did this with the Kryten from her world this was a completely different Kryten.

"No, as a matter of fact it's in my programming to use my attachments wherever necessary to relax the female crew members, I just haven't needed them since back on the Nova 5." Kochanski now getting over her embarrassment instructed Kryten to go get it but not to tell the Cat ot Lister anything.

About 20 minutes later Kryten returned to her room with a long device in his hand that looked like a pump-action vibrator. Kochanski was sat on her bed in a dressing gown waiting for him. Her face lit up when she saw him with the attachment in his hand. Kochanski walked over to the open shower, leaned against the back wall and let her robe fall to the floor. Of course the view of her long slender body, her huge firm breasts and her soft wet black pubic hair had no effect on Kryten so after a few seconds of waiting she finally said "Let's get started then."

Kryten opened his groinal attachment panel and inserted the hydraulic penis. He walked in his own stupid way to the shower and climbed inside. She closed the shaded glass door behind him.

Kochanski climbed on to his long plastic penis and put her arms around him. The combination of pain and pleasure as it slid into her caused her to gasp. "Anything wrong ma'm?" Kryten asked. Kochanski, breathing heavily, just said "No.....carry....on" between breaths. Although Kryten remained still the Penis moved backwards and forward slowly deeper and deeper into her crotch. Her nails dug into the metal plates on his back. In and out the hydraulic attachment went faster and faster. She hadn't felt such a feeling of ecstacy for the last 18 months while she'd been with this crew, if you could call them that. The pace increased and increased, it eventually reached 60 stokes a second. She gasped and gasped for air, she was on the verge of fainting, and she felt the wave of relief pass over her as she came. Kryten retracted the soaked penis from Kochasnki. She looked down at it, as small holes in the device opened up, cleaning off the fluids leaving it completely dry. She let go of Kryten and leaned back in the shower. She was still sweating and breathing heavily. "Thanks....Kry....ten"

Kryten climbed out of the shower, removed the penis and carried on cleaning her room like nothing had just happened. She smiled to herself, she thought how her Kryten, from her world, was a great engineer who could build and atomic engine and the Kryten from this world was reduced to cleaning bedrooms. Still he was a great shag...