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The Dragon's Lair

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Warhammer Buildings

Here are some Old Warhammer Buildings, from the days when White Dwarf was good, figures were well priced, etc. Print them out on card, assemble them, then use them!

Note: Don't print these straight out from the page, they'll come out too small. Save the image onto disk, and load it using Paint Shop Pro, or another image package. Use Print Preview and resize the print size in print setup, making sure it fills as much of the page as possible. (Run a black and white copy on paper to make sure.) Only print out on colour card when you're sure you have set it to the correct size.

Building 1: Wooden Building with Tiled Roof
Building 2: House with plaster wall
Building 3: Building with cracked plaster wall
Building 4: Apothcary's Shop (with Doggy kennel!)
Building 5: Half Timber Frame Inn
Building 6: Timber Frame Building with Stable