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Metal detecting is fun!

So how do you start?, simple really, get a metal detector, a pair of headphones and a small border trowel. This will cost me a lot won't it? Well you don't have to go mad but if you bought the best detector going, it wouldn't cost anymore than a good bicycle and if you are really strapped for cash, you can pick a good second hand one up for much less. O.K. So I've got a metal detector what next. Try your new wonder tool out, if you have a yard or garden you can start there, if not ask a friend if you can try it on a rough part of theirs. Or if your feeling really adventurous, take a trip to the beach. Check you have batteries in the detector, put on your headphones, drop a coin on the ground, switch on the detector, leave any knobs just above zero to start with, then lower the head (the part like a Frisbee) until it is about six inches above the ground, then sweep it backwards and forwards (Slowly now) over the coin. Hear the sound it makes as it passes over the coin? Although it wont be quite as loud over buried metal, this is the sound you will be looking for. Try lifting the detector head up a bit until you don't hear a sound, look at the height the coin is above the ground and you will have an idea how small a hole you will have to dig to extract a coin from the dirt or sand.  Easy isn't it, so come and join us now!