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The Mac Code

The only code with a graphical interface

About the Mac Code

We're out there. We have better computers than everyone else. Isn't it about time we showed the world that we're better? Well, now you can, with The Mac Code. The only code with a graphical interface. Here's mine:

Mac Code vers:2.1 system:mac/8.0 CPU:1/PPC601/60MHz RAM:24Mb mac:-) since:1987 use:) rsrc:-) BeOS:) win:P dos:P unix:| apple:-) M$:-( code:D

Change since vers 2.0: The Rhapsody bit has been removed. There is much confusion about Apple's plans since they announced MacX. Head to Apple's web site and try to clear things up.

The run-thru

For someone familiar with the mac, this code should be self-explanatory. This code uses smileys to show what you think about the product. For example:
:D - This is the best thing in the world. I worship it.
:-) -This is very cool.
:) - It's good.
:| - It's okay. ( Note: the key for "|" is above the return key )
:( - I don't like it.
:-( -I hate it.
:P - This is the worst thing in the world. This is why there isn't world peace.
? - I don't know what this is.
x - This doesn't apply to me.

Other categories have different inputs.

The categories

Mac Code vers

This refers to which version of the Mac Code you're using. This is version 2.1. For this you should type Mac Code vers:2.1


This is followed first by the type of system on your computer ( usually mac ) followed by a slash and then the version number. So a mac with version 7.5.5 would use system:mac/7.5.5. If you don't know your version number, switch to the finder, and select About This Macintosh... from the Apple Menu. The version number is in the right hand corner. Any operating system can go here. A Windows 95 user would type system:win/95. If you use several different systems, indicate your favorite. A ? means that you don't know what system you're using and x means you don't have a computer.


This indicates what kind of processor your computer has. The first number indicates how many processors you have. The second number indicates what kind, and the third represents the speed. So a computer with 1 PPC 601 processor running at 60MHz would be CPU:1/PPC601/60MHz. If you have a 68040 30MHz, you would type CPU:1/68040/30MHz. If you have to PPC 604e 250MHz processors, you would type CPU:2/PPC604e/250MHz. I am also very jealous of you. You can also enter 386, 486, 586 etc for processor types. Use a ? if you don't know, and x if you don't have a computer.


RAM stands for Random Access Memory. Simply enter the amount of memory you have. If you don't know how much memory you have, you can check the About This Macintosh... window ( see above ) to find out. It is listed to the right of Total Memory.


What do you think about the Macintosh? Here you can voice your opinion.
:D - I am Guy Kawasaki
:-) -I love the Mac. It was the best computer ever made.
:) - I like Macs. I can rely on them.
:| - They're ok.
:( - The Mac is sort of a pain.
:-( -Macs are clunky and slow. I tired of them.
:P - I am Bill Gates
:? - My grandfather's name is MacDonald.
:x - I won't even touch them.


How long have you used the Mac? Type the year when you first used it here. 1983 would mean that you had a Lisa, and x means that you've never used Macs. Examples: since:1984 since:1990 since:x since:? ( if you don't remember )


How well can you use your computer?
:D - Moof!
:-) -I am a programmer.
:) - I am a hacker.
:| - I have my system configured for my own personal use.
:( - I can do word processing and other stuff like that.
:-( -I often have to ask friends for help. People who really know Macs get mad at me.
:P - I almost have it out of the box
:x - I don't use Macs
:? - Use? What does that mean?


For those that don't know, rsrc is the abbreviation for resource. The resource fork is sort of like a bunch of files in a file and can include icons, sounds, pictures, menus, and even code. And of course, who could mention resources without mentioning Resedit?
:D - Resedit? You still use that? I have every resource editor known to Mac kind. I even wrote my own.
:-) -I love Resedit! I have hacked every program on my computer. I can quit the Finder
:) - Resedit is cool. I sometimes change sounds and graphics for fun.
:| - I've played around with Resedit.
:( - I know what the resource fork is.
:-( -I don't let people use Resedit around my computer. It's a hacker's tool.
:P - Resources suck. Why can't files be just a bunch of text?
:? - I don't know what Resedit is.
:x - I don't use Macs, I don't have Resedit, OK?


BeOS is an operating system made by Be Software. It is currently being developed for PCI PowerMacs.
:D - I have a BeBox with four 250 MHz processors.
:-) -I already have a developers copy and I'm writing programs to run on it.
:) - I really excited about it. This will bring the reliability and speed that the MacOS lacks.
:| - I might get it, I might not.
:( - I don't want to go to the trouble of changing everything.
:-( -Those Be guys are a bunch of idiots.
:P - Look out! Be is the next Microsoft.
:? - I don't know what the BeOS is.
:x - I don't have a Mac, I'm not getting BeOS.


Windows is an operating system made by Microsoft.
:D - I am Bill Gates
:-) -Windows is the future of computing. NT, 95, 3.1, I have them all. I'll be the first on the block to get Win 98, assuming they ever finish it
:) - It's a good operating system, it does what I need to do.
:| - It's ok.
:( - I spell Windoze with a z.
:-( -If I get one more General Protection Fault, I'm going to...
:P - I'd be online but someone hacked my NT server
:? - I've been to Notre Dame, they have nice Windows there
:x - Windoze? Ohh, you mean DOS.


DOS is the text-based operating system made by Microsoft which preceded Windows.
:D - I actually still use DOS
:-) -I actually know what those AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files do.
:) - I used to use it, I liked it
:| - DOS is ok.
:( - I can never remember the commands.
:-( -DOS suck. Enough said.
:P - Wasn't DOS outdated when they released it?
:? - I don't know what DOS is.
:x - I don't do DOS.


Unix is a text-based operating system, with several different varieties.
:D - I am Linus Torvalds
:-) -I run a Unix-based network server. I can do anything those graphic users can.
:) - Unix has its advantages in ways such as reliability and speed.
:| - Unix is OK.
:( - I don't like it that much.
:-( -I know what it is, I just don't get it.
:P - I would prefer a computer for which I don't have write my own code
:? - Sorry, I'm not geeky enough.
:x - I don't do Unix.


Apple Computer is the company that made the beloved Macintosh
:D - I am Steve Jobs
:-) -Apple is the only innovative company left in the computer market.
:) - Apple is one of the most important computer companies.
:| - They're just another company trying to make money.
:( - I don't think Apple's that great.
:-( -Apple is despicable. Thanks to them, computers are easy enought to use that the internet is now full of a bunch of idiots
:P - I am Bill Gates.
:? - I prefer Bananas.
:x - No comment


Microsoft is the creator of DOS and Windows and one of Apple's main competitors.
:D - I am Bill Gates
:-) -My computer is run purely on Microsoft software.
:) - Microsoft makes good products.
:| - They're just another company trying to make money
:( - I'm looking for an alternative to Microsoft software.
:-( -Long live the anti-trust laws
:P - This file is encrypted. Please, Mr Gates, don't kill me.
:? - I live in a hole, I've never heard of Microsoft, do you have a problem with that?
:x - No comment


What do you think of this code?
:D - I am Brian Schend
:-) -This is a great idea! I'm going to make suggestions and tell my friends.
:) - I like it.
:| - It's nothing special.
:( - Great. Another "Geek Code" copycat.
:-( -This is so unbelievably stupid.
:P - I already hit the back button on my browser
:? - What is this? Where am I?
:x - I don't want to hurt your feelings.

Now what?

Stick this on your web page. Put it in your signature file. Show the world that you use the Mac! If you have any comments, E-mail me at

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