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The Cascade Chess Club's Official Website!

Welcome to the Cascade Chess Club Website! On this site you will find the list of members, news, ratings,links, and more!

Members USCF Ratings

Coach/Organizer: Alan Svehaug Chuck Schulien 2399 Fred Gonzalez 2316 Peter Prochaska 2200 Tony Sanchez 2180 Andrew Svehaug 1737 Slava Belaychuk 1450 Brian Mason 1407 Toby Walter 1193 Brian Svehaug 1234 Jordan Ludwick unr. Micah Smith 1221 Brent Putman 1065 Jeremiah Cowen 958 Stephen Goree 919 Ryan Putman 1183 Chase Willson 986 Garett Speyer 847 Andrew Call 648 Ben Thompson 347 Jared Olson 691 Larisa Belaychuk unr. Claire Smith unr. Ralph Willson unr. Ken Haider unr. Timothy Buckley unr. Sondra Dudley unr. Rick Binder unr. Jeanette Ng unr. Jeff Marks unr. Jeanne Smith unr. Austin Steward unr. Maddie Stringer unr. Tanner Steward unr. Sam Stringer unr. Any Member Not on this list please contact Alan Svehaug (360) 254-8548 News Webmaster: Andrew Svehaug Updated 7-7-00