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Special Tactical & Rescue (STAR)
Singapore Police Force

This is the unofficial site of The Police Elite S.T.A.R. unit.
This unofficial site is specially dedicated to all the S.T.A.R. troopers,without whom we may not be able to sleep soundly.

"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."
- George Orwell

Bus Assault

The Special Tactical & Rescue (STAR) Unit was formed in 1993 to provide the Singapore Police Force with a 24hrs tactical armed-response capability. It is a dedicated unit highly trained and equipped to respond to any incidents such as armed criminals and hostage situations.

C.Q.C. Assault

Adopting as itís credo : "Vigilance, Valour, Victory", STAR packs formidable firepower, enjoys all-terrain mobility, able to effect explosive entry, capable of heli-borne insertion and mount bus and vehicle assaults. A plethora of sophisticated and specialised equipment is required in its highly perilous vocation, and its entire raison díetre is successful crisis resolution. Elements of surprise, aggression and rapid coordinated action are the only guarantees of success in STAR operations. Besides facing highly dangerous outlaws, STAR is involved in risky protective security operations and counter-sniper duties.

Mobile Unit

The unit is a tightly knit crew of highly motivated individuals who put mission before all else. They are respected for their discipline and never-say-die spirit.

Due to much secrecy surrounding the team,I'm sorry to say that these are the informations i could come up with.I would update this site a.s.a.p. when i have something new.

Anyone who has unofficial sites of the S.T.A.R. team and would like a link here, sent them with the URL and title.

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