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Updated 11Apr99 believe it or not.

ILLEGAL Street Racing


For cruisers and street racers everywhere. If you know a place in your state, tell me, I'll post it. Ideas? Send 'em. I'm open to suggestions for this site. Also if anything is out of date, tell me.

Street racing is alive in Utah, you just gotta look a little harder to find it. Anyone having info on what the hot sites are right now, e-mail me! I've been out of the loop all summer and trying to catch up to where it's at. Always looking for new sites, preferably with times, specific addresses, streets, how to get there, and what's running (old, new, imports). As much as I hate them, hotrodded imports are probably the future of street racing so I include the little fart-muffler-wearin-K&N-filter- equiped-lowered-too-many-sticker-having-bastards.

Street Racing sites:


5600 west 3rd south -Next to the R.C. Willey warehouse on friday and saturday after midnight. You'll see everything racing here.

California Avenue, West Valley City - Last I heard this was the place to be. Haven't seen shit every time I've gone out.

(Looking for address), Layton - Keep going past Wal-Mart, Sams, and the truck place, great 4 lane strip about 3/4 mile long, straight, freshly paved, lot's of burnout marks, and a 1/4 mile marked off. Haven't found any specific times but I'm working on it.

Cruising sites:


State St., Salt Lake City - (Have to get back with you on this one. Haven't been in awhile.)

Washington Blvd., Ogden - Starts at about the Riverdale Road turn-off and goes to about 10th south. 30 mph with lots of stop lights and almost as many cops. Good cruise, 100's of cars, lot's of women, racing kinda sucks though, mostly late model and imports. 10:30pm-2:30am fri & sat nights.


Links (contact me to add your page and add mine to yours)

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This site, me, Angelfire, anyone affiliated with this site, nor my dog endorses street racing of any kind. It's illegal, dangerous, and a felony in certain states. Don't do it.

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