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   Steel was born in a caravan traveling to the great city of Thorbardin. His parents were hired on mercenaries that were hired to protect the caravan. Traveling to the city of Thorbarding the caravan was attacked and knowing that they were all going to be killed Steels mother hid Steel in a nearby cave, than went off to die beside her husband in battle. What Steels mother did not know was that the cave was an entrance to an underground wemic society called the "Grandaleah" which in wemic meant: "great warriors of the underdark". A female hunter of the tribe found Steel while coming back from a routine hunt. Her name was "Yasdal'eJ ". She found Steel and brought him back to her society. Instantly there was an uproar over a two legged manchild living in the wemic society. One of the great shamans of the tribe came forth and whispered into Yasdal'eJ 's ear asking her questions not known to the others.
    The shaman steeped forth after talking to her and shouted out "Let one of you who challenges her right to raise this child as one of her own, step forward and claim the right of challenge! A contest of fate! If we cast out this child or raise it as one of our own!"
    The people murmured amongst themselves and finally Galear stepped forward "I shall challenge shaman. For right of fate and of birth!" Soon the two fought in a circle formed by Yasdal'eJ 's people. Finally one fell. Galear. Yasdal'eJ fought for the survival of Steel but paid a heavy price for it. She lost her sight when Galear swiped her across her eyes with his claws before falling.
    Many years had passed since that day and Steel slowly started to grow learning the wemic ways and the ways of life as a hunter. Thinking Steel was a human at first the people started teaching Steel how to hunt and fight as soon as he learned to walk, but soon they realized he wasn’t a human at all. The shaman consulted with his gods and came forth to tell the people that the boy was what people called a "Dwarf". Rumors spread amongst the people and some nodded in approval for he had earned the name "Steel" because of how good he was with steel in both blacksmithing and fighting. Steel passed many challenges with his new people growing up and was amongst one of their finest warriors. One day a friend of Steels named Swiftwind, named after how fast he ran, came to Steel and told him his adopted mother Yasdal'eJ was dying and she sent for him.
    Steel ran forth and found Yasdal'eJ lying in her bed awaiting him. She then told him of how she found him and that he should follow his heart and seek out his heritage and find out the "pride" of his people. Steel weeping with sadness as she passed away in front of him knew that she was right, and that the only thing that kept him from leaving before was her. Now that she was gone, his time to travel had come.
    Steel than set forth to get his things and visit his friends and was ready to leave as everyone gathered to see the young warrior of their tribe leave. Before he left the shaman steeped forward and gave Steel a gift that no other had given Steel before, these words of wisdom, "Never trust anyone but yourself and those that have sang the same battle song that has always sung in your heart."
    Steel then headed off to find his future hiring out to many mercenary bands running with them but never finding his way with them so he left them after a while. Soon Steel found his way to the edge of a land that was called "Shrouding mist". Having heard of this place and many things and adventures that was in it he set forth to explore this new land. Upon traveling around a bend he saw a warrior fighting off a horde of orcs. The warrior slew them one by one, but soon was being swarmed under their mass. Knowing nothing of this warrior but knowing no warrior deserved to die to these brutes, Steel charged into battle singing his battle song. Loudly he sang, crushing the enemy before him. Panting and covered in green blood Steel turned to greet this warrior who introduced himself as Sho. Together the two talked of the adventures that they had done and the things they had killed. They camped there that night and plundered the dead bodies of the orcs finding a bottle of elven spirits on one of the bodies and soon got really drunk and learned that they could trust each other. By morning Sho invited Steel to travel with him to meet his soon to be wife Lil Bit, but Steel politely declined telling him that he needed to see more of the land first. They left with a warrior‘s oath, promising that one day they shall meet again.
    Steel roamed the lands of shrouding mist meeting all sorts of people. A fellow who called himself Baron Karl, who was skilled in the ways of the bow, an Assassin that was after his mothers killer, and a fellow with a large amount of brothers and as he, they all were named "Bob". One group of people that Steel met that he chose to like, was a group who called themselves the "Pack". Steel grew to like these rough band of warriors and barbarians alike, so for the time being Steel chose to run with these warriors singing his battle song strongly as foes fell before his blades.

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