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May 26th, 1999

For those of you who play Dark Reign I'd like to make a quick announcement=) You've probably noticed that I haven't been on lately nor have I been on icq. I have one word to explain this sudden disappearance.... EverQuest=) I bought the game a while ago but I finally got around to playing it. It kicks ass!!! I'll still be on Dark Reign at times but not near as much. Finally if anyone has a request for the site, please send it to me via E-mail or type it out on notepad and send it to me via Icq. Please, no more icq messages=) With the addition of numerous people to my icq list I find my self forgetting who sent what request and what the request was. This leads to me never taking care of the request. Everyone is still welcome to message me as much as they want but keep requests to mainly E-mail. Thank you and party on:p


May 17, 1999

Hey hey! Cpt is back on the Dark Reign Team Ladder, this new revival is being led by -Cpt-Toshiro. Any active Dr players that want to join up and help us climb the ranks should visit the message board and read Toshiro's posts. I'll also be adding a link from this site to the Dr Team Ladder page shortly. For those of you that are participating in Everquest, give me a shout out cuz I just bought the game and after a long complicated process I've finally upgraded my system enough to be able to play. Other than being killed like 7 times already, I think the game is awesome. I'm hoping to make some changes to the main site here shortly so if it's down, distorted, or just plain out ugly for a period of time just bare with me and let me know if there are any major problems. On a side note, if we recruit any new players let me know!!!!! I'll need to get some info from them as well as add them to the members list (which will be under heavy construction). Finally, the Cpt home site may be moving to a new server in the near future. That may cause some problems for a short period of time but if you bare with me through the transition it will be well worth it:)


May 12, 1999

Due to high demanding members (heheh) I finally did an update to this commentary and I also changed the look of the navigation frame:) Hope you all like it better. Hey!! Don't forget to check out the Top Story:) Its a picture of our buddy Nemesis=) Compliments of myself. If anyone has any comments or suggestions for the site, let me no. Anyone interested in the games we've recently expanded to then follow one of the corresponding links in the navigation frame:) Thats all the time I have for now:p


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