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I found the statement below on a pro-LDS web site.

The Associated Press released an article in early May of 1995 (published May 6 in the local paper, the Post-Crescent, of Appleton, Wisconsin) entitled
"Utah militia tied to Mormon culture".

I then ran across the following article on an anti Mormon web site.

Finally there are the Nazi Mormons. 10% of the LDS church is Nazi Mormon. Of that 10% 90% live in Utah and most within shouting distance of BYU. Nazi Mormons are prone to wild claims in testimony meeting about things which cannot be proven. Nazi Mormons claim Diet Coke is the same thing as heroin and heaven is a multi-level marketing system. Nazi Mormons always want to have private talks with you about either golden futures, alien landing strips or soap. Nazi Mormons beleive french kissing is cause for excommunication, they routinely take the advice of General Authorities and even improve on it. If no single dating until 16 is good, no single dating until draft age is better. Nazi Mormons pay tithing on their gross income including the stuff they get from the Bishops Storehouse.

What is the truth?

I seek information leading to the tie-in between Mormonism and various militias and domestic terrorist activities.

INFORMATION BANK - add your knowledge!

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What tie-in do the NaziMormons have with the Militia Groups? What tie-ins do the NaziMormons have with the homosexual community? These two seem to be at odds, but people I suspect of being NaziMormons exhibit strange behavior and are not dealing with a full deck. The homosexual community seems to be able to tie into the Catholic Church with ease, but does it have the same advantage in the LDS culture? Both groups tolerate homosexuals and the Catholics actually support homosexuality with great gusto. Do NaziMormons hang out in groups like the Optimists, the Masons, the Rotary, etc?

NaziMormons must have the same types of secret oaths that the Masons and the Mormons utilize. These oaths ok lying and other anti-social behavior under certain conditions.

The government recruits heavily for various agencies in Utah,
what control do these people have on various government agencies?

The Bible Offers a Reason Why NaziMormons Exist - it says

They will make you outcasts from the synagogue, but an hour is coming for everyone who kills you to think that he is offering service to God.


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