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Welcome to my Shawn Wayans web page.I'm your host ATCASHMERE. I created this page for myself and other fans of Shawn's so feel free to visit this site as often as you like.

Another reason I made this page of Shawn is because I feel that Shawn is being overlooked as a movie star. I know he stared in Don't be a meance with Marlon, but I think others should give him a chance besides his brothers. I have seen Shawn since he was SW1 on In Living Color and everybody thought he was a real cutie pie. Ever since then I would be happy to see his precious face on TV or movies. I think he is a sex symbol, and I hope to get a real biography on him ( like his childhood).

Check it out. Iv'e created a message board Now everybody can post their thoughts or feeling about the show or anythingelse about Shawn (or Marlon), and I've added a guestbook,and I now have a chat room available.There's more pictures added. Included is old pictures of him as SW1.For people who tried to post messages on the messeage board.I have a new chat room that's easier to get into. There's more sound, and Iv'e found a couple of videos, plus Iv'e also added some clickable images, and more pictures.I plan on doing more in the future.

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If anybody met Shawn in person tell us what it was like on the message board.

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