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The Unofficial

Alicia Leigh Willis


Welcome to Alicia's First Official Website & Fan Club (from June 1999- August 2005) -Now Unofficial-
Due to lack of time to work on the website, we've decide to have someone take over who will be great. a BIG THANK YOU to all the fans who have been so supportive to this website and Alicia over the past six (6) years and for this reason, I will keep this site up for now unofficially as a Thank You and by request by many fans and friends of this site. All Our very best wishes, ALW Online -Summer 2005

April 2005

To all my fans for your kindness,
support, and love you have showed
me over the years. I especially
love to get your notes and
letters in the mail. It makes
me feel special!
Love, Alicia xxoo

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ALW's Unofficial Website
was created
and maintained by:
Focus4 Productions
& Alicia Leigh Willis from 1999-2005

Original Site Inception:
Sept. 29th,1999
Last Website Update:
August 2005

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