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Lead Screaming and guitar pounding.......Herb Mean

Guitar Pounding and Back up screaming...Dennis Luce

Bass and nudety.......................................Dale Ball

Drums and drunken babling.......................Levi Eipert

Is Not


Hello And Welcome to the Anti Squads Home Page. This page is updated often so bookmark us Ok new pictures are up check them out. Concert up dates MAY 2ND @ the Launch Pad With Declased and a couple others not shure right now but will post them as soon as I find out MAY 8TH @ The Aberdeen high school auditorium with Declased, Short of Standard ,Gob and Formula One be thare and buy our new Demo tape with six songs on it I hate socitey ,Bored, Drunk life, Destroy, Wasted Time and Let down 3 bux a tape get quick em thanks


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Friday March 6th at the Artic Grange Soilent Green,Anti Squad and others
Friday March 27th at the Artic grange Anti Squad,poxy,declased,fink and the instagaters 4$ at the door 7:00
april 11th at the geto house Anti Squad and Larry 2$ at door 6 "O" clock I think
May 2nd @ the Launch Pad in astoria oregon with Declased and others 3 or 4$ @ the door.
AUG 19TH anti squad the casualties from new york city, poxy,the finks and larry and the go no wheres $4$ at the door the place is to be anounced so keep coming back you dont want to miss this show!!!!!!

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