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Personal Contact Experiences

electrogravitational signatures

My photo analysis indicates that this UFO is invisible at a particular Electrogravitational frequency wavelength:

by Christopher Montgomery 

What follows is one of the most fantastic UFO cases in history. That which we in the UFO investigation field would call a "Hot File." Although most people don't realize it, many on the cutting edge of UFOlogy have often endured enormous risks in gathering their stories. These photojournalists and writers often risk their lives to recover stories like the one that you are about to examine. 

You are about to experience another dimension. 

October 19th, 1998; 3:00 p.m. PST

The story begins in the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. Dr. Jonathan Reed and his dog are on a day hike. They stumble upon a hideous creature, which kills the doctor's dog. In the process, the good doctor manages to incapacitate the being. During the next 3 hours, he manages to locate the being's UFO vessel and get the best 35mm photographs and 8mm-film footage that anyone has ever published. 

Dr. Jonathan Reed and his dog, Suzy, parked their jeep at the trailhead around 1-1:00 p.m. (PST) It was a "fairly well known" Cascade Mountain hiking trail. Dr. Reed set out with a backpack and some day rations. He also packed his 35mm camera and an 8mm video camera on that fateful, October day. Choosing a "side trail," The skies were gray and overcast. Dr. Reed and his 7 year-old Golden Retriever, Suzy, set out for their hike. 

Dr. Reed described the area as a "fairly mountainous region," which makes for "a great day hike" and describes the Pacific Northwest as a "beautiful area," He would soon realize that a very insidious force was soon to forever change his life. 

Approximately 11 hour into the hike at around 3:00 p.m., Dr. Reed said that "The dog is just going crazy, just sniffing nature, you know, feeling amorous. She's out investigating everything and all of a sudden, she took off like a bolt of lighting, which occasionally dogs do ... We had seen a deer earlier in the day. And the same type of thing happened." 
But when his dog took off this time, the dog's behavior had changed. It began barking, which the doctor did not consider unusual, because, as he said, "this was not something that I was too upset about because raccoons and dogs don't get along.” What Suzy encountered, however, had not originated from our time/space continuum. This would become clearly evident.  

The sound of the Golden Retriever's bark had changed. According to Dr. Reed, "The barking tone had changed its tone. The tone went from being a normal dog barking at something, to almost terror or anger, like it had trapped something." Thinking that this could be a bear, and there are black bear in Washington State, he hurried his pace up the trail. He wondered if it was a big cat as he noticed that Suzy was nowhere in sight. "She was probably 100 to 150 yards ahead of me," he said. "And the brush was fairly heavy. And there was a ridge that I could not see over." Fearing that he should proceed with caution, he picked up a big stick lying alongside the trail. It was, he said, "about the size of a baseball bat." 

The retriever began howling. He thought that she was being mauled by a wild animal. He recalled that it was "almost a yelping versus a barking." As he hurried up the trail, he hiked up over the ridge. The sight that would meet his eyes was most certainly unbelievable. Dr. Reed would soon encounter a being from another world. 

"The only way to describe it would be that the air around the subject that I was looking at was vibrating very, very fast... Almost like a paint shaker," he said. Moving as fast as it was, he couldn't be sure what it was. His initial reaction was that he "thought it was a child. But then I knew It wasn't." 

If one has ever watched a paint shaker mix up a gallon of paint at the hardware store, they'd notice that there is a blur along the entire path that the can takes as it's being shaken. But if one looks carefully, you can make out that it is a can ... and that's about it. It is, what I would call, an indistinct image. 

Dr. Reed then observed that the dog had somehow managed to grab the arm of this child-like being by the arm. With the dog's quick, canine instinct, it was fighting for its life. In all of the confusion, Dr. Reed noticed that the creature appeared to have ripped the snout off of the dog's lower jaw, in a blinding maneuver to remove its arm from the dog’s maw. 

It is clear to me that this being was moving faster than would be possible in our time continuum. From the ultradimensional's perspective, time had been slowed to the point where it would be virtually impossible for the dog to attack it. This being had probably never encountered a canine Is quick, instinctive movements, and Jonathan's gut feeling was that the it extraterrestrial" was merely "defending itself." 

His observation was that "at that point, my dog started to die." But If this is true, it was probably over before he even arrived to render the dog assistance. Dr. Jonathan Reed concurs. Dr. Reed said that "I was so emotional, that I literally yelled for the dog to let go. What the doctor had not realized was that it was too late. 

According to Dr. Reed, "at that moment, this creature looked back at me and stopped. And that was the first time that it stopped vibrating." Dr. Reed had commented that it was the first time he could actually see "the creature's full body, and face, and arms and legs. And you saw the whole creature, really at that point." 


The creature glanced over at Dr. Reed and gave him a "look that could kill." It then turned its stare back at the Dog. Before the being had a chance to react him, he swung at it with the homemade baseball bat. Dr. Reed said that the being "had stood there and kind of took a step back, looking at the spot where Suzy was. And at that point, turned, and ... looked toward me as I lunged at it." 

The following data is a breakdown of the eyewitness's descriptions of the alleged "extraterrestrial," and Dr. Reed's personal testimony. This information is compiled from a number of sources: 

- Some of the information was gleaned from Art Bell's interview with Dr. Reed. This was broadcast on Art Bell's radio talk show entitled "Coast to Coast a.m. with Art Bell." 

- Analysis performed on the four, 35mm photos that accompany this article were performed by an expert photograph. 

- Additional insight has been obtained from my personal corroboration with Dr. Reed. He has contributed his own insight and observations as well as patient corrections. This and additional revelations are available in the forthcoming book entitled LINK: An Extraterrestrial Odyssey, written by Dr. Jonathan Reed and co-authored by Robert Raith. 


The alleged alien was like a "Gray," with "very thin appendages" but with some striking differences. Its measured length was 4 feet, 3 inches long. 

The actual blood type of the creature is unknown, however, from all indications, it has red blood, which would indicate a circulatory system capable of assimilating oxygen, present in abundance in earth's atmosphere. 

Although very frail in its bony structure, it may have a skeletal system, which is very similar to our own. (See also "Facial and Skull structure below). 

The skin appears to be a light-beige or brown color, of a leather-like composition; Dr. Reed said that when he'd first encountered the extraterrestrial, it's skin was actually a bluish-pink color. This becomes readily apparent in the 8mm film footage. The skin color changed to a tawny-brown after Jonathan had brought the creature home. The "extraterrestrial appears to have the characteristic bald pate. [Please note: Abnormal wrinkling at the neck may indicate that the creature is of a significant age.] 

Although its face is somewhat identical to the proverbial "Gray" type extraterrestrial, those who have researched them have reported that they're not all alike. For example, the brainpan is not disproportionately large, as is the case with many Gray's that have been reported. 

According to Dr. Reed, it's eyes had an "Angular, large, bulbous shape ... They were a ... dark pinkish color." According to Jonathan, the eyes were one solid color and disproportionately large. In one of the photographs, there appears to be some white in the eyeballs, but this seems to be a only a reflection. 

In my opinion, the eye color would indicate an increased number of optical photoreceptor as well as stereoscopic, color vision. As Dr. Reed performed the "topical autopsy," he reported that there was some gray pigmentation in the area of the cornea. A slit in the skin represents a mouth; a nasal ridge terminate in two holes which seem to serve as nasal openings. 

As Dr. Reed performed the cursory examination, he had found that there were no openings where the ears should be. Dr. Reed had discovered a soft, fatty tissue behind the skin at that location, however. Jonathan has speculated that these are "some sort of sound receptor area." 

When it received a blow by Dr. Reed's crude bat, its cranium was apparently breached. The injury would indicate that its bone composition may be somewhat spongy in nature, which would indicate why the creature's skull was breached in the manner that it was. According to Dr. Reed, the tree limb that he'd wielded had "hit hard enough to tear a hole in the skin and in the bone material approximately an inch an a half by an inch, exposing some of the inner material." 

The eyewitness said that "it fell to the ground instantly and as it fell, it screamed ... just (a) terrible scream like nothing I had ever heard before" The being lay prostrate and very, very still. Dr. Reed believed that "he'd killed... something."  

He turned to check on his Golden Retriever. The dog was suddenly imploding...right before his eyes! Dr. Reed had observed that a small, disk sized hole had developed in an area directly below Suzy’s lower jaw. “The dog was drawn into the hole” according to Jonathan, and within 15 to 18 seconds, Suzy was completely gone. In an hour to an hour and a half later, Jonathan returned to the spot where Suzy had been. He remembers seeing a small pile of ash at the place where the dog had been. 

This may or may not have been a result of Suzy's strange transmogrification. It was, I theorize, the after effects of Suzy's strange exanguination by the ultradimensional creature. For lack of a better word, Jonathan suggested Suzy was ligelatinized." 

Dr. Reed had just experienced a tremendous, emotional shock, "And after I had seen what had happened with Suzy," he said, The dog that I'd had for years,, I was very, very upset. I was very disturbed." 

Dr. Reed attributed his health effects to the emotional trauma, which he'd just experienced. But due to the fact that he is not an experienced UFO investigator, he hadn't realized that these symptoms could not be entirely attributed to psychological trauma. 

When we examine his physiological symptoms in light of evidence provided by other documented close encounters with UFOs, it would suggest that they are due, for the most part, to his exposure to the time-warping fields surrounding the creature and its UFO craft, which hovered nearby. 

As I have said before, the doctor was experiencing severe, emotional trauma. Dr. Reed, a psychologist, was qualified to diagnose this condition. In his own words, he stated "I had definitely (had) an emotional breakdown." 

He was not, in my opinion, skilled in the experiential school of UFOlogy. Therefore, in my opinion, he was not qualified to diagnose the physiological effects experienced by those who've been exposed to the energy field generated by the UFO and its ultradimensional occupants. 

For those who do not know what these physiological symptoms are, I will list those reported by Dr. Reed as an illustration. "I was sick to my stomach. I would try to stand and walk. I was dizzy. I would become nauseated. I barely could stand. I would sit back down." 


After about an hour, Dr. Reed had recovered enough to begin noticing "a sound in the air that almost felt like it touched my skin. It almost gave me goosebumps," he said, "And I followed that sound because I thought it might be another personal Dr. Reed felt that it was his need to seek assistance, which drove him toward the strange "humming sound." I started to feel that there was something else there, another presence," he stated on public radio. 

The object would, for example, be my choice for maximizing stealth capabilities, as well as energy absorption properties. Audio frequencies are not considered to be a part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and are, instead, mechanical. My data indicates that audio frequencies do, in f act, have an electromagnetic signature and are not solely mechanical in nature. Therefore, I will present this data within an Em format. 

Dr. Reed stated that "when I walked up to it, it was making a humming sound and when I touched it, the sound stopped. And as I pulled my hand back, I noticed that it changed its tone slightly and it became less irritating, the sound. Almost a harmonic that felt like a much more pleasant sound." 

My impression of what this could mean, is that the UFO demonstrated that it not only absorbs energy, but it transmits energy as well. Marc Davenport, author of Visitors From Time, believes that the UFO craft may behave like a giant aerial, both transmitting and receiving energy of various frequencies. 

For example, after touching it, the humming had a much more pleasing tone. The craft t would have had to have picked up Dr. Reed's energy signatures and reflected their harmonics. 

I would speculate that this craft demonstrates characteristics, which are analogous with the workings of an ultradimensional vehicle utilizing the kinds of technologies, which the UFO represents. 

Dr. Reed had said that when he slapped it, the craft absorbed the sound completely. This would also be consistent with the abilities of a UFO craft and the technology that it represents. Essentially, the UFO craft can act like a huge energy vortex, utilizing whatever energy it is subjected to, including its vibrations. 

Another feature which is clearly evident in the 35mm photographs is how the light is reflected /refracted in the flora immediately surrounding the "Obelisk." When one looks closely at the ferns in these photographs, those in the area below and immediately surrounding this object show a reflective value, which is slightly elevated. 

Without access to professional quality reprints of the negatives, it is virtually impossible for any forensic photographer to determine the quantitative values used to substantiate this theory with 100% accuracy. 

Ferns, by their very nature, refract and reflect more light than other types of fauna typically found on the forest floor. But there’s no way that any lens can make the background flora bright with such a dense canopy on an overcast day, even with a flash. Dr. Reed has indicated that his camera did have an auto focus feature. 

The light and shadows are not internally consistent with a normal photograph. Although this detracts from the credibility of the case, it may also indicate that it Emitting its own wavelengths, including infrared radiation. 

According to classic Air Force guidelines fabricating a UFO photo falls into two main categories. They can be faked by optical means (optical illusions) or by using a solid object. 

In this particular case, it appears we are dealing with a stationary, solid object. This makes it easier to evaluate from a forensic standpoint using standard methods. I decided that one of the few methods, which I could use in this particular case study, would be to determine if the two photographs show the same object. 

One of my first impressions was that the UFO in photo 1 is not the same relative size as the object in photo 2. But I couldn't say for sure. 

I have asked complete strangers if they noticed any discrepancies in the photographs. No one said they did. This means that the general public would probably believe that this is a genuine UFO. Dr. Reed has stated that at no time during his observation of the object did it change size or shape. 

As a rule, when a photograph is faked, they'll meet tests of consistency in lighting and shadow but fail tests of size and distance. This one failed both. 

To determine if the UFO objects in the two photographs are the same object, we assign a value to each object. We then compare the two values. The difference in size between object 1 and object 2 was approximately 25%. 

This ultradimensional UFO defies all rational explanation. I propose two possible scenarios: 

The "Obelisk" in Dr. Reed's photographs present a dimensional quality, both growing larger and smaller while within our space/time continuum. 

Secondly, the gravitational, time warping field generated by the UFO may be directly affecting the camera's lenses; focal length, speed and lighting would be altered by this field. 

One thing to consider is how light would be dopplerized by a gravitational field. When the image of the UFO, in the form of visible light radii passed through its gravitational field, it would be dopplerized, sending these particles into another frequency wavelength. 

This would account for the radiation burns reported by some UFO eyewitnesses. Frequencies originating in the visible light, electromagnetic spectrum could be dopplered into the form of infrared, ultraviolet or even ionizing radiation. A lot would depend on how the G-field was being generated. 

Although unproven this supports my treatise on the ultradimensional nature of the UFO. This is further evidence that the obelisk has the capability of bending, or warping our time/space continuum. This underscores my treatise on the ultradimensional nature of the UFO and its occupants. 

The glare present in the foreground of the "Obelisk," is evidence that this object is generating its own luminescence, another characteristic of a genuine UFO. It is evident that the UFO occupants possess the capability of manipulating one or more frequencies within the known electromagnetic spectrum. 

This type of lighting effect is not possible using a conventional flash-type camera. While reviewing the working copy of this article, Dr. Reed commented that he hadn't used any flash while taking these photographs. 

Army Counterintelligence noncom, Steve Arnold, was one of the first investigators on the scene at the Roswell crash in the New Mexico desert, 1947. "Arnold sneaked a look through the rip in the aircraft, and stared out through the top...It looked like the sun was already up! Just to make sure, Steve Arnold looked around the outside again and, sure enough, it was still too dark to call it daylight. But through the top of the craft, as if he were looking through a lens, Arnold could see an eerie stream of light, not daylight or lamplight, but light, nevertheless." (The Day After Roswell, Col. Philip J. Corso, Ret., p. 14). 


In light of research that I have done which indicates that there is an ultradimensional nature to the UFO enigma, it is my opinion that this case has all of the earmarks of a genuine UFO event. 

According to Professor Leo Sprinkle, a psychologist of the Wyoming Division of Counseling and Testing as well as a consultant for APRO, "My guess is that they're more that just a physical phenomenon, that they're a psychic or spiritual phenomenon too. (Larson's New Book of Cults, Bob Larson, p. 433). 

This challenges conventional scientific standards and practices. Science, in its purist form, is a systemized knowledge derived from observation, study and experimentation carried on in order to determine the nature or principles of what's being studied. 

I propose a NEW SCIENCE, one that embraces the scientific method as well as empirical observation. This would not disregard any of the evidence, empirical or otherwise. Let us then allow the doors of science to remain open, while the scientist explores new frontiers. -CM 

[This story was originally broadcast on public radio on A.M. COAST-TO-COAST around November 11, 1998. Transcripts of this show, along with controversial photographs of an alleged alien being and its UFO, were made available on Art Bell's web site. To view these, simply go to his web site at WWW.ARTBELL.COM. If you don't have a computer that's on-line, he also offers a newsletter, where he promised to publish copies of these unusual photographs of Dr. Jonathan Reed's Close Encounter of the Third Kind. Listen for "Coast to Coast a.m. With Art Bell" on your local talk radio channel. You will not be disappointed]. 

This document has been presented to you in the magazine article format.

Reed UFO Photographs
Reed Alien Photographs



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