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By Phillip S. Duke, PhD

The following article has been reprinted with special permission by Phillip S. Duke, PhD
UFORCE Post: August 20, 1999, 8:30 PM PST
Cattle Mutilation Phenomena and HIV (c) 1999 Phillip S. Duke, PhD

Introduction: Cattle mutilations are logically explainable only as Extraterrestrial activities. The mutilation body materials taken all correspond with sites of HIV transmission or replication (blood) in humans, except for the ear, which may contain a locator device. Circumstantial evidence suggests cattle are mutilated primarily to harvest HIV antibodies and virus from blood in quantity, and to obtain information relating to possible HIV transmission in humans, by study of the materials taken from corresponding cattle mutilation sites. The left ear is always taken, presumably to facilitate locator retrieval. Healthy, live fetuses are also taken from animals to be mutilated. The primary reason for cattle mutilations may be to harvest HIV antibodies. Cattle mutilation phenomena support the AIDS-ET Connection.

By cattle mutilations I mean cattle found minus their blood and minus certain body parts, removed with surgical precision, which humans and animals do not eat by choice. Cattle are the family Bovidae, domesticated Bos Taurus.

Cattle mutilations generally occur where cattle are raised and kept in quantity on ranges or in pastures. Feed lots and related locations with animals under relatively close human surveillance are not affected. Cattle mutilations occur only when animals are out of human sight. Prime, strong, healthy animals are affected. I don't know of a single case where an animal which is obviously unhealthy or injured was later found mutilated. Mutilations commonly but not always occur at night. A pedigreed, especially valuable animal is quite healthy and doing well one day, and found dead and mutilated the nest. Cattle mutilations are routinely reported throughout the world, apparently wherever cattle are kept in quantity. Since there is no central agency keeping records, the number of mutilations is unknown, but it must number something more than a thousand every year. It is not known how long cattle mutilations have been occurring, but they have been reliably reported for at least several decades. There is no universally agreed upon explanation concerning what or who is doing cattle mutilations (1,2). All investigators who are not county agents agree; cattle mutilations are not the work of animal predators.

The evidence suggesting cattle mutilations are ET phenomena is varied and comes from numerous different sources. It is arrived at by logical exclusion of all alternative explanations, and by being the only explanation capable of explaining the strange facts. The ET explanation is bizarre but then so are the facts.

I consider it established beyond any doubt that animal predators are not responsible. The removals of biological materials are invariable stated to be "with surgical precision." There are no teeth marks on the carcasses, no animal (or any other) tracks, even when animals are found lying on moist ground which would clearly show tracks. The animal parts eaten by preference for food are not affected. The left ear is taken. All this plus the absence of blood in the carcass and on the ground shows clearly that animal predators are not responsible for cattle mutilations. The explanation propounded by county agents and others also bound to the same politically correct position, which of course means they cannot consider ETs, is that "coyotes are responsible." This was responded to by one cattleman with the statement, "If coyotes can do this we are in deep trouble."

It has been proposed that human beings cause cattle mutilations. As the valuable meat is left to rot, and as the body locations mutilated are bizarre and include those related to reproduction and excretion, it was suggested that some kind of bizarre sexual cult activity is involved. The evidence suggests otherwise. No cult is known which treats animals this way, and no one has ever claimed 'credit' for these illegal activities. The number, nature, and geographical extent of world wide mutilation is so great, that an immense, very large, very well funded, and will organized human organization would be required.It would be much easier and safer for such a cult to buy animals and mutilate and dispose of them in secret. Due to the absence of any evidence that any such cult exists, the absence of any logical human motive, the absence of a human ever claiming 'credit' for them, I readily discard the concept that humans are responsible for (the vast majority) of cattle mutilations. If that were the case, there would surely be at least some evidence suggestion this, when in fact there is none at all.

In the absence of anything better, and in view of the facts, hard headed down to earth cattle people with no interest at all in science fiction and without any knowledge of the subject have been left with only "flying saucers" as the explanation of cattle mutilations. Mutilated animals have been found with broken legs and backs and with their horns stuck deep into the ground, as if they were dropped from considerable height. A bull was found in a tree. Numerous such incidents suggest cattles are performed on animals which after being taken up into the air are dropped or otherwise returned. (1). This explanation of aerial mutilation also explains the absence of tracks and blood. In theory it would be possible for humans to somehow capture cattle, hoist them up into (sizable) helicopters, perform the mutilations, including blood removal (how long would this all take?) return the animals, and then leave. But the key question is, why should they do this The military has plenty of money to buy all the cattle it wants, and then it could do whatever it wants with them, at its convenience, in secrecy. Why on earth should the military go to this much trouble to accomplish something it could otherwise do so much more easily? And without leaving any evidence of what it has done? And remember, cattle mutilations are world wide phenomena. This clearly indicates "the military" is not primarily responsible for cattle mutilations. Sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) are not uncommon in high cattle mutilation areas.

The military is, however, quite interested in all alien activities including cattle mutilations, and actively seeks to investigate them. Black (unmarked, presumably military) helicopters have been seen in the vicinity of cattle mutilations, and the military may be sampling such animals after they are found. They may also be performing "look alike" cattle mutilations, to obtain data, throw investigators off the track, or other reasons (3). In theory it is possible to identify candidates for mutilation before the fact, by detection of their (left) ear implant, and sample such animals prior to alien mutilation. As to whether or not our military is doing this, I don't have the least idea. I hope they are, because I suggest that if they will only determine the HIV test status of mutilated or mutilation candidate cattle, a great light will shine all at once on the mystery of cattle mutilations.

It has also been suggested that the military is mutilating cattle, producing "copy cat" obviously flawed mutilations by human beings, presumable to weaken the position that ETs are involved in cattle mutilations. I have no idea whether this is so, however such activities would be consistent with the overall politically correct policy, in effect since about 1947, of debunking all ET phenomena. Then this situation would be analogous to the attempted debunking of crop circles, by counterfeiters of the real thing. Existence of counterfeits does not mean the real thing doesn't exist. In fact, the real thing must exist, to justify the existence of its counterfeit.

My position is, cattle mutilation phenomena started out being and are primarily ET activities. What may be going on secondarily is known only to those doing it and ordering it done. I would not be surprised if human beings are following in the alien foot steps, and attempting to do what they do, to help understand what they do, and why they do it. And possibly also trying to muddy the waters, and throw investigators off the track, in the process.

So far I have briefly presented the generally known evidence suggesting cattle mutilation phenomena are ET. Next I present some evidence based on the research of Dr. Colm Kelleher, Deputy Administrator, and Dr. George Onet D.V.M. PhD, both of The National Institute of Discovery science (NIDS), which in cooperation with the Bigelow Foundation is investigating cattle mutilations (4). The NIDS letter to veterinarians is shown in Letter Illustration 4-1. To follow this recent work we must first look more closely at the details of cattle mutilation.

Cattle mutilation phenomena are readily and logically associated with HIV be the known natures of both. Cattle mutilations consist specifically of blood removal, anal coring (with precision, the analogy "like an apple core' is applied), and vaginal and reproductive material removal. One eye and one ear (the left), a variable region of skin, part of the mouth/jaw and the udder if present, are also taken. It is readily seen that all the mutilation sites/materials taken except the female reproductive material eggs) and the ear, correspond with human HIV transmission sites.

With the ear, only the pinna, the largely cartilaginous projecting portion of the external ear, which also functions to help collect sound and protect the ear canal, is taken. The pinna being mostly cartilage provides limited information concerning cellular status. I suggest the possibility that the left pinna is taken because it contains a locator implant. For consistency an ear on the same, one side would be employed. If one or the other side ear were employed, it would be necessary to correlate animal with ear before removal. Then the only way to be certain of implant removal would be to take both ears, requiring more time. If an error were made taking only one ear, from the wrong side, the implant would be left. With the method employed, as long as the left ear is taken, implant recovery is assured.

The idea that mutilated animal's left ears contained locator implants has implicit in it the concept that these animals were implanted at some time prior time, for mutilation at a subsequent date. The question is, why the elapsed time? Once an animal is selected for mutilation, why not proceed immediately, while already at the scene? A possible answer is found in the removal of cattle blood.

Bovines are large animals. Large animals are always more difficult to work with than small animals. Use of large animal and complete removal of its blood suggests the desired use requires a large quantity of blood. Blood might conceivable be used as food but blood is mostly water, high in sodium chloride (salt), and it is not a good nutritional source. If food were desired, there is much more and much better nutrition in the animal's meat, which is quality protein. That is why we eat it. With cattle mutilations, however, the meat is never taken.

Cattle blood might conceivably be employed for numerous other uses, but there is only one use I conceive that involves initial contact followed by harvesting at a later date. I suggest that on initial contact cattle are selected, implanted and inoculated with an antigenic microbiological agent, such as HIV. After time for an adequate antigenic response the blood is all removed, after which the agent, and antibodies to it, are separated from the blood. Human science employs somewhat similar procedures to produce what are called antitoxins, protein antibodies, to certain microorganisms. For example tetanus antitoxin is obtained by injecting tetanus antigen (killed organisms) into horses. Horse blood is subsequently harvested and the protein antibodies to tetanus are separated, purified, and employed by injection, providing immediate protection for humans recently exposed to possible tetanus infection. We (as well as the aliens?) find it expedient to employ large mammalian animals for this purpose. It may be we employ horses because they are more amenable to human verbal direction and physical handling than are cattle. For obvious reasons this consideration does not apply for (alien) cattle mutilations.

There is another reason why cattle rather than horses may be employed. Dr. James Womack, animal geneticist at Texas A&M, announced in 1984 that "What we are finding are big chunks of cattle chromosomes identical to large regions of human chromosomes. These are perfect matches. The genes fall in the same sequence." The existence of "Perfect match" chromosomes (only) in cattle could be an important reason to employ them in the replication of human intracellular parasite HIV, which ordinarily employs the human host's genetic material to replicate. HIV has only one natural host, humans, and logically would require a genetically similar animal host for replication.

Since the cattle mutilation sites correspond to HIV transmission sites in humans, and since according to the AIDS ET Connection hypothesis HIV is of ET origin, and cattle mutilations are believed to be ET Phenomena, it is only logical to then suspect that HIV may be at the biological agent employed.

Is there any other evidence relating to this idea? Consider the "Preliminary Investigation of the unexplained death of a cow in N.E. Utah October 16, 1998 available from NIDS (4). "An expensive registered polled Hereford, in perfect health the pre vious day, was found lying in waterlogged area of pasture about 20 feet from a paved road that is used by many local residents." The freshly mutilated cow was autopsied under the authority of Dr. Colm Kelleher, Deputy Administrator of NIDS, and under the direction of Dr. George Onet D.V.M. Ph.D. Among other unusual findings the heart was found to be homogenized to the consistency of "pudding" inside an intact pericardium (the membrane enclosing the heart). The liver vitamin A and copper levels were abnormally low,. And a light blue gel, evidently not seen before by the investigators, was found in the vaginal and anal areas, as well as periorbitally, where skin was removed. The gel was analyzed and found to contain formaldehyde, a microcidal agent. In his book The Day After Roswell Col. Philip Corso states having seen a very thick light blue liquid with a dead gray alien floating in it. The literature on human abductions mentions a blue gel which was employed by aliens to successfully treat abductee vaginal infections.

Why apply a microcidal agent to the vagina of cow before mutilation? The answer I suggest may be found in this cow having been pregnant (Unequivocally proven by hormonal blood tests) and also near term. The calf must have been delivered through the birth canal (the uterus was intact) and then both it and the afterbirth (placenta) were abducted. It is well established that an important route of human pediatric HIV transmission is by passage through the birth canal, and the use of microcidal agents to prevent this has been suggested. Nursing is also a route of HIV infection. Then it is logical to suggest the blue gel was possibly employed vaginally to protect against HIV infection of the calf during its passage through the birth canal. Presumably the blue gel was not seen here previously, due to the previous absence of a cow with near term calf being mutilated. Obviously a healthy, live calf was desired, otherwise it would not have been (both protected?) and abducte. The question arises, if the calf was desired alive, why hasn't the cow, its mother, taken to nurse it? A logical answer is, if this cow nursed its calf, and the cow had HIV, the calf would then be infected with HIV, which is what happens HIV+ mothers nurse human infants.

I have a hypothesis explaining why the calf was taken, but prefer not to present it without proof I will state, however, that it relates to the calf being Vitamin A deficient, and explains why unborn calves are generally taken only from mutilated animals. The reasons for cattle mutilations evidently include the obtaining of biological materials (sperm, eggs, fetuses) and the obtaining of calves, normal except for subclinical Vitamin A deficiency. These reasons, however, appear secondary to the harvesting of cattle blood in quantity.

The foregoing explanations of the mutilation events simply, logically and neatly explain all the complex facts of cattle mutilation phenomena. The concept that mutilated cattle blood contains HIV and antibodies could in theory be easily tested, by determining the HIV test status of mutilated cattle. This has not been done.
There is one last question to be asked, and that is, why do the aliens want the relatively large amounts of HIV and antibodies (so far entirely in theory) to be found in the mutilated cattle blood they harvest? Why are they going to such trouble to obtain these materials in quantity? What uses might they be put to?

According to the work of Dr. David Jacobs, some abductees will be usefully employed prior to and during the colonization process. Then it would be only logical to protect these valued abductees against HIV. And, it may be necessary to protect the aliens themselves against HIV infection, especially if HIV should become much more readily transmissible. The usual way earth science protects against viral replication in the body is by employing antibodies against the virus. Preventive vaccines usually employ human inoculation with killed or attenuated (weakened) viruses. So far this approach has not produced generally successful preventive vaccine against HIV. Another way is to supply the antibodies themselves. This produces what is called passive immunity, and is employed as previously briefly described, to provide immediate but relatively short term protection against exposure to tetanus, and other microorganisms. In time the artificially supplies antibodies disappear, and new ones must be supplies for continuing protection. Therefore this approach has limited application. However, if a continuing supply of antibodies could be maintained in the body, for example by slow release from an implant, or due to continuing supply of antigenic stimulation by an implant, then in theory the continuing presence of antibodies would provide long term protection against infection. A continuing supply requires a large quantity to replenish the supply.

According to the AIDS-ET Connection concept, the gray aliens may require ongoing sizable production and research sources of the virus and its antibodies for new strains. Although at least three different pandemics are well underway, BW theory dictates the development and deployment of different strains, as well as continual monitoring of present strain performances (by examination and testing of human abductees).

The next chapter looks at human abductions. In one such case an abductee with implant tested HIV positive until his implant was removed, after which he tested and continues to test HIV negative (5). As all the routine clinical tests for HIV detect antibodies to the virus, not the virus itself, and since if the virus were present before implant removal it should still be present after implant removal, the only logical interpretation of the facts is that the implant was the source of the antibodies, and the virus was not present. Therefore I suggest this abductee was protected against HIV infection by his implant. More in the next chapter.

This is exactly as predicted by theory, and suggests the primary reason for cattle mutilations may well be to harvest antibodies to HIV from the cattle blood. The fact that cattle mutilation sites correspond with routes of HIVin humans, suggests the virus is present, and infection parameters such as virus concentration at different locations, are being studied. The microcidal blue gel also suggests HIV may be present in mutilated cattle blood. Then antibodies to HIV are produced by the animals reaction to the virus.

The foregoing presents incontrovertible evidence that ET's are responsible for cattle mutilations. It also details how all the complex, otherwise incomprehensible phenomena of cattle mutilations can be readily and logically explained by the simple concept that they are related to HIV. Since ETs are related to cattle mutilations, and cattle mutilations are related to HIV, then ETs are related to HIV. Cattle mutilation phenomena present strong evidence for and in support of the AIDS ET Connection.

For more information contact Dr. Duke at or phone 1-402-353-8525

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