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Think Before, During, and After You Read
Don't just question authority. Question everything.

slush pile: n. the unsolicited manuscripts an editor reads to find the items she judges fit to print.

The Internet is the biggest slush pile ever created.

And you are your own editor.

The advantage of this is, nobody else is filtering what gets to you; you make your own choices about what to read and what to believe.

The disadvantages are:

Nonetheless, many people do find their way past the potholes on the Information Highway. We find good, useful data and don't often get bitten by hoaxes (although, True Confession Time, I too was one of those who forwarded the great "Kurt Vonnegut" speech -- the one he never made.)

This page is created to help share guidelines on identifying truth from lies from just plain silly; to share pointers to sites that help do that, and sites that most have us have found to have consistently factual info; and to discuss guidelines for being responsible journalists and editors ourselves.

Because in this World Wide Forum, we are  the media.

A useful site to start with: truth, lies, and the Internet on CNET.

Some standards of my own (Anitra Freeman speaking):

Bill Yerazunis adds: "Books are good, research papers are fine, but if you get the chance, run the experiment anyway and see what results you get."

Your turn! Your choice!

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The financially challenged have the advantage of qualifying for an online writing workshop where we discuss these and other matters. To subscribe to StreetWrites online workshop, send mail to

If you want to start a workshop of your own, email me. I'll give you whatever help I can.


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Updated October 14, 2002


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