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Fizgig's  Page

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Describing the Illustrious Fizgig:

  • Sharp
  • Tall
  • Calico
  • Terrifyingly Cute...
Fizgig is an illustrious calico of some renoun... My friends are warned that she is not a toy, and I will not be held liable for damages incurred while playing with her.
Fizgig's Bio,
a few words from the human scratching post...

She is quite creative, and also enjoys hunting imaginary (and real) bugs, playing fetch, and attempting, (and sometimes succeeding in,) intimidating me and/or my friends and roommates.

RazorCat Fizgig's Cat of the month:

Gandalf was born on August 14th 1994 in an evil little town known as New Castle Pennsylvania.

Fizgig's Favorites

Miss Fizz has informed me that she is unhappy with the static nature of her page. She has decided that she will begin a changing personal selection of links, which, she has asserted, I am to update no less than weekly.
Since I value both my flesh and my blood, I intend to do as she asks. These links will be updated immediately once I recieve her weekly pick.

Update on the above note: Miss Fizz has been entirely too busy to spend any time surfing the web. She has decided that I am to seek out links I think that she will enjoy, and offer them to her for her approval.  Since my computer has been down lately, I haven't been able to do so- The RazorCat has suitably punished me for this, as was her right, and my due.

So On With Fizgig's Favorites:

Cat's Haven
A no-kill shelter for homeless and handicapped cats. 
(I think we'll soon be featuring a few of these to help find them loving homes.)
Monks & Cats. The Razorcat approves.
Snuffy's Stuff
Cats Fiz likes to make fun of. (I think they're cute. OW! Hey! I'm entitled to my own opinion aren't I? I'm not? Oh.)

All-Time Faves:

Git'cher Virtual Kitty Right Here!
Stupid Rules
Madison the Genius Cat
When A Cat Goes Bad And Becomes A Drag 
(Aka, Man, people can be silly!)

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