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Whispers of the Schizophrenic Ghost
(Who *is* Chaosred, anyway?)

A Few Hints:

She also has Attention Deficit Disorder.
I'm not gonna tell my life story here...If you know me, you've heard some of it, if you don't, then you prob'ly don't really wanna read it here...

What I will tell you is that, while my experiences have contributed greatly to who I am now, I have, through extensive self-exploration, caused the whole to be greater than the sum of it's parts. I am not at all who I once was.

My main hobby is learning. I've studied numerous subjects in depth. A few Examples, (I've only included things I've kept with for ten years or more,); Cultural and Sociological Anthropology, Comparative Mythology, Calligraphy and Illumination, Medicinal Folk and Magical Herbalism, Tribal Cultures, Brewing and Vinting(Mead is a specialty,), Poetry(both reading and writing,), Spinning and Weaving, Drama, Music(listening to, playing, and writing,), Illustration(The Art Institute of Seattle,) Psychology, Linguistics, Medieval and Ancient History, Celtic Knotwork, Sculpture, And the list goes on. (As I said, I'm a *want* to Know It All.)

Professionally, I'm an Illustrator, and a Musician. (More on this later.)

The View From Here: