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Thanks for stopping by on your search for your roots..Sure hope something here might be of help on the journey or if you feel you have something to share with me please e-mail me....Good Luck on Your Quest !!!

Just added ~ HORTON ~ HOBBS ~ WASHBURN ~ Pages !!!! UPDATED ~ HARDEN/HARDING Tree 17 Apr, 1999

Milo , Piscataquis Co.,Maine Evergeen Cemetery Listings for HOBBS and MORES/MOOERS/MOOERS

I have the complete Cemetery Inscriptions of this Maine Cemetery by the Carvers if you need a lookup on a different family in Milo, ME - see my E-MAIL below

Milo Cemetery

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ADDED ON JUNE 19, 1999

~ Descendants of Jonathan B. Hobbs ~

"My HOBBS Page"
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William HOBBS - Milo,Maine, married Ellen S MORES from Milo,ME on 25 July 1866 in Charleston,ME.~They had two children Nellie and William Lester HOBBS m. Anna Lucy GLOVER daughter of Charles A. and Rosina M. (Lovejoy) GLOVER .Anna died in Bangor,ME in 1960.William L. and Anne L. had two children Lester Malcolm and Iola M. (Hobbs) NEWTON. Lester M. was born 24 July 1900 in Milo,ME died 24 DEC 1968 in Raynham/Taunton,MA. Lester was married to Doris Evelyn Washburn HORTON b.16 NOV 1900 d. 29 June 1963.If you have any info on these people PLEASE e-mail me ~~ Click above to see NEWEST info on HOBBS Family !!~~


Just got info on William Lester HOBBS he married Anna L. GLOVER both of Milo,Piscataquis Co,Maine on Friday September 29,1899 This really excites me as it makes the info on William Barker and Ellen Susan look like it fits. Some really great people are out there willing to help even if it isn't their line!! THANK YOU ~Larry Glatz~for the Hobbs help and THANKS to ~David Horton~ for the Horton help it really is much appreciated.


"Brick Wall" is scaled at last .. December 2002 - George G. Hopkins was son of Allen Hopkins. Check out my family group sheets, added 28 December 2002

Anderson Hopkins Jr., Hancock County, Maine Family

Allen Hopkins, son Anderson Jr., Hancock County, Maine Family

George G. Hopkins, son Allen, Massachusetts Family

Ida M. (Hopkins) Jillson, dau. George G., Maine Family

George A. Hopkins, son George G., Massachusetts Family

Irving S. Hopkins, son Allen, Maine Family

Ida M. (Hopkins) Cunningham, dau. Allen, Maine Family

Nellie Ruth HOPKINS was born 02 November 1893 in West Bridgewater, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, died 16 January 1954 in Massachusetts. Daughter of George G. and Etta R. (Brown) Hopkins of Maine. She married 29 November 1929 , George Henry HARDING b. 26 July 1876 in Whitman, Plymouth, Massachusetts, d. 22 October 1955 Raynham/Taunton,Bristol, MA. They had two daughters Ruthe F. and Hope Lillian.

Nellie R. HOPKINS had sisters Ida M. born cir. 1879, see her family group sheet above. and Edith L. born 1880, still nothing further on Edith. Brothers Rodney, died as infant, buried Pine Hill Cemetery, West Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts, George A. born July 1881 ( see his family above), Percy F. born 1882, Herbert L. born June 1884 (still looking for them) and Charles W. born April 1888, is single & living with sister Ida M. and her family in Maine per 1910 Census. Any help on finding descendants of these siblings is badly needed. Sure would like to find some Cousins !



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See my NEWEST Harden information with lots more children and facts below


~~~ Charles Linwood HORTON in Massachusetts ~~
Charles Linwood HORTON b. 14 June 1876 Taunton,Massachusetts d. 29 JULY 1953 Foxboro, Massachusetts married Flora G. WASHBURN b. 25 January 1878, Lakeville, Massachusetts d. 22 July 1952 in North Easton, Massachusetts. Have lots of info on Flora G. WASHBURN Check out "My WASHBURN Tree". Children were Linwood Horton, Alford Laurence 1907-1972 , Lewellyn Russell, Doris Evelyn Washburn, Mary J. "Eva", Arlene Seekel, Barbara G , Rachel Elizabeth .

Have found mothers side of family she was also a HORTON--from 1 Charles Linwood HORTON b. 1876 ~2 Flora Etta Horton b. 1857 ~3 Issac Newton HORTON b. 1824 m. Mary Russell Seekel b. 1822 ~4 Benson HORTON b. 1797 m. Pamela (Permilla )Briggs b. 1801 ~5 Wheeler Horton b. 1766 m. Lucretia Lindley b. 1770 ~6 Bernard "Barnet" HORTON b. 1744 m. Mehitable Cole b. 1673 ~7 Jotham HORTON b. 1698 m. 2nd wife Penelope Round abt. 1719 ~8 John HORTON b. 1742 m. Mehitable Garnsey b. 1673 ~9 Thomas HORTON b. Prob. England or Wales m. Sarah Harmon b. 1652 . This family was in Milton , Massachusetts and moved to the Rehoboth / Dighton / Taunton , Massachusetts area . I have not authenticated this info yet but am working on it. I now have sources for most of the HORTON line.

My HORTON Family Tree
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~~ HARDING ~~ ~~~ George Henry HARDING in MASS ~~


Plain Text so it isn't fancy but has LOTS of information !!!

George Henry HARDING b.26 Jul 1876, Whitman, Massachusetts d. 22 OCT 1955 Raynham/Taunton , Massachusetts had at one brother Jesse Star HARDING. George Henry was married twice 1st wife Apphia Louisa HANKS, 2nd wife Nellie Ruth Hopkins. I do have his children from first marriage. Children of 2nd wife Nellie Ruth HOPKINS , Hope Lillian HARDING b. 08 Apr 1926 d. 25 Feb 1965 , m. Lester Milton HOBBS, Ruthe F. HARDING m. Guy "Sonny" TRINGALI. Found more on George H. HARDING !! Please check out my updated TREE ...... Thanks : )
I was told by my Aunt that Jesse Star HARDING lived in Stoughton , Massachusetts for many years .

WASHBURN Family Tree 1200s ~ Present

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~~~ Flora G Washburn 1878-1952 ~~

~ Hepzipah WASHBURN ~ and ~ Benjamin1 LEACH parents of ~ Joseph "Deacon" LEACH ~ who married ~ Anna HARRIS parents of ~ Benjamin 2 Leach married ~ Mary KEITH parents of ~ Hepzibah D LEACH married ~ Marshall KEITH parents of ~ Abigail J KEITH married ~ Salmon Milton WASHBURN parents of ~ Salmon M married ~ Jerusha Walker RECORD parents of ~ Flora G WASHBURN married ~ Charles Linwood HORTON parents of ~ Doris E.W. HORTON married ~ Lester M. HOBBS


++ My line if correct is : ++


1-MARY CHILTON (Mayflower) m.John WINSLOW , 2-Susanna WINSLOW m. Robert LATHAM , 3-Hannah LATHAM m. Joseph WASHBURN , 4- Hepzibah WASHBURN m. Benjamin LEACH , 5- Joseph LEACH m. Anna HARRIS , 6- Benjamin LEACH m. Mary KEITH , 7- Hepzibah LEACH m. Marshall KEITH , 8-Abigail KEITH m. Salmon Milton WASHBURN , 9- Salmon M WASHBURN m. Jerusha Walker RECORD , 10-Flora G. WASHBURN m. Charles Linwood HORTON , 11-Doris Evelyn Washburn HORTON m. Lester Malcolm HOBBS , 12-Lester Milton (Bo) HOBBS m. Hope Lillian HARDING , 13- ME ~Natalie Anne HOBBS Fix


** Going another line is : **


1 - FRANCIS COOKE (Mayflower) & Hester Maihew

2-Jane COOKE m. Experience MITCHELL , 3-Elizabeth MITCHELL m. John WASHBOURNE , 4- Joseph WASHBURN m. Hannah LATHAM , 5-Hepzibah WASHBURN m. Benjamin LEACH , 6-Joseph LEACH m. Anna HARRIS , 7-Benjamin LEACH m. Mary KEITH , 8-Hepzibah LEACH m. Marshall KEITH , 9-Abigail KEITH m. Salmon Milton WASHBURN , 10-Salmon M. WASHBURN m. Jerusha Walker RECORD , 11-Flora G. WASHBURN m. Charles Linwood HORTON , 12-Doris Evelyn Washburn HORTON m. Lester MalcolmHOBBS , 13-Lester Milton HOBBS m. Hope Lillian HARDING , 14- ME AGAIN


## Still a another Mayflower line is :##


1 - FRANCIS COOKE (Mayflower) & Hester Maihew

2-Jane COOKE m. Experience MITCHELL , 3-Elizabeth MITCHELL m. John WASHBOURNE , 4-Samuel WASHBURNm. Deborah PACKARD , 5-Benjamin WASHBURN m. Bethia KINGMAN , 6-Jonathan WASHBURN m. Judith WOOD , 7-Salmon WASHBURNm. Ruth WHITE , 8-Salmon Milton WASHBURN m. Abigail J. KEITH , 9-Salmon M. WASHBURN m. Jerusha Walker RECORD , 10-Flora G. WASHBURN m. Charles Linwood HORTON , 11-Doris Evelyn Washburn HORTON m. Lester Malcolm HOBBS , 12-Lester Milton HOBBS m. Hope LillianHARDING , 13- ME ~ Natalie Anne HOBBS Fix


Where will the story go from here I'm not sure but the bug has bitten and now the search is on. I'm really new to both computers and geneaology but thanks to "42" my computer I've gone places and found history that would not have been possible any other way...So Thanks MICK FIX and "42"


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