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Shipping Information

Following is some information we have compiled with links to airline websites and some shipping guidelines.
1-888-736-3738 (animals line - call for specific rate)
Shipping info on Delta Dash as of 2/20/99

Dash has shorter transport time than Priority One and is for under 50 lbs

Priority One is Delta's other means of shipping

1. Animal must be healthy.
2. Animal must be in airline approved shipping kennel.
3. Must provide complete name, address and phone for both sender and receiver.
4. Must have health certificate and letter of acclimation less than 10 days old. (Letter of acclimation is on veterinary letterhead stating the animal can tolerate from 45 degrees to 20 degrees based on the breed and age.)
5. Shipper pays airline.
6. Animal must be dropped at freight office one hour prior to flight departure and can be picked up at freight office 30 minutes to 1 hour after the flight arrival.

If the temperature drops below 20 degrees, airline will not ship animals.
If the temperature is above 85 degrees, airline will not ship animals (some breeds will not be shipped if the temperature rises above 70 degrees).

1-800-575-3335 (animal desk)
Continental has two shipping methods: General cargo: drop animal off two hours prior to flight departure, temperature must be between 45 degrees and 85 degrees, drop off at air cargo area rather than counter,
Small package counter to counter: drop animal off one hour before flight departure, prepaid, no temperature restrictions.

Health Certificate current within 10 days
Rabies Vaccination record (if applicable)
Animal at least 8 weeks old
Crate big enough to stand up and turn around
Crate lined with absorbent material on floor
Food and water dish in crate

1-800-825-3788 Cargo
Shipper must be "known shipper"
Food and water dish attached to door
Absorbent material in crate
Two copies of health certificate
Drop off two hours prior to flight departure
Up arrows and "Live Animal" stickers on the crate

or call 1-800-2ALASKA (1-800-225-2752)
or call Horizon Air at 1-800-547-7660 and select 4 for further details.
American Airlines Domestic Cargo Services
Cargo information is under Programs & Services tab
Shipper must be "known shipper"
Contact your local American Airlines Cargo representative for more
information or call the toll-free number: 1-800-227-4622

Puppies or goat kids can be shipped in a crate that is
just big enough for them to stand and turn around in,
but if you are going to use the crate long term, you
will need to consider the dog or goat's eventual
adult size.

Ordering Information for Crates

For phone order call R.C. Steele at 1-800-872-3773
or order online at R.C. Steele Home Page

For phone order, call Jeffers at 1-800-JEFFERS
or order online at Jeffers Pet Catalog Home Page

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