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Aussie WebRing

Aussie WebRing

Advantages to Joining the Aussie WebRing

Aussie Webring

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to visit the Aussie Webring. The Aussie Webring represents a collection of home pages and sites about Aussies. Since our beginning November 11, 1999, we hope to grow and to become your link to finding great Aussie sites for the entire family to enjoy. We are also part of a larger collection of Rings pursuing the same web goals, but in other areas of interest.

If you are already familiar with Webrings, you may also know they are now handled differently as they have been merged with and now unmerged from Yahoo. You will need to sign up for a Webring ID in order to join any Webring in the group formerly known as WebRings.

Instructions for putting the navigation code on your site

First, go to Webring and either migrate to the new ring or log in using your id and password.

Next, click on "Go HERE if you want to see/manage/edit the Sites that you have in other Rings, or if you want to get navigation code for your web site"

Look for the Ring Title "Aussie Webring" and click on your Site Title. This is where you make corrections or edits to your site information, also where you can get the Navigation Code, which is linked along the left margin. Click on "Get Navigation Code."

Follow the instructions listed under "How to Install" copying and pasting the code that shows in the box starting with "<script . . ."

Let me know when you are ready and when you can click on "Test" on your edit page and get the results that say "Pass." I look forward to activating your site in the ring.

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