Brutal Links
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Brutal Links

Punk/Hardcore pages

Punk History - Information and history of PUNK

Domar's home page - Punk page,one and "only" Discharge page

An Anarchist - What is anarchy?

Bollnäspunken - Punkfestival

Carcass - Carcass homepage

Agathocles - (The Only true Agathocles' homepage) Brutal mince-band from Belgium

Arturo homepage - Italian hardcore band

Battle Of Disarm - Japanese hardcore/punk band

Chineapple Punx/Ciderfex - Homepage for two UK punkband

Cluster Bomb Unit - German crustband

Confront - Homepage for a Swedish band

Counterblast - Swedish band

Crass - UK anarchopunk band

Destroy - Homepage of US grinding punk band

Discontrol - Swedish bands homepage

Diskonto - Homepage for this Swedish crust band

Disassociate - Homepage for this New York band

Disrupt - Homepage of this American crust band

Dissober - Swedish dis-core bands homepage

Dissuck - American bands homepage

Doom - Homepage for this excellent UK band

ENS - Swedish crust bands homepage

Hellnation - Homepage for this great American band

Hellshit - Swedish raw punk bands homepage with discography, lyrics and graphics

Kirous - Finnish hardcore bands homepage

Lapisdicore - Brazilian hardcore bands homepage

Manual Seven - Crust/hardcore band from Philadelphia, USA

Mediaucracy, the Western Empire - Canadian crust/punk band

Monster X - Homepage for this American straight-edge grindcore band

Oi Polloi - Homepage for this Scottish anarcho-punk band with a discography and graphics

Präparation H - American grindcore bands homepage with a discography and band photos

Rajoitus - Swedish hardcore bands homepage

Underclass - Homepage for this UK band

Urban DK - Homepage for this US punk band

Brutal pages

Bloody page - Brutal page with bloody pictures

Friend's pages

Jocke's crust homepage - Well look at it

Empyreal's homepage - A good heavy metal band from Sweden

Scene pages

Calgary Punk - A scene report on Calgary in Canada

Finnish Hardcore - Discographies and MPEG sound files of lots of Finnish bands new and old

J-Underground Homepage - This site has pages with loads of graphics for several Japanese punk/hardcore/grind/noiseband

Michigan Punkpage - Page with info about the scene in Michigan, USA

South East Brutal Noise - Page focusing on bands from the southeastern USA, sound samples and information on Hellnation, Assuck, Suppression and other bands

UK Punk and Hardcore Site - Excellent site dedicated to the UK scene

Other Stuff

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