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Dragon Magick


For those of you looking for spells I cannot quote any from "Dancing with Dragons" so you will just have to get your own book as for my own spells I haven't written any of any benifit for even myself so I just haven't included any as yet. You will find a few new thing on home page and page 2.Sorry about not having many updates for a while but it has been hard to find the time.As always as I can find time I will continue to update these pages.Thanks again for your patients!

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  • If you would like a list of books to get started in magick e-mail me.
  • Dragons of the elements:Air=Sairys ruler of the eastern quarter. Fire=Fafnir ruler of the southern quarter.Water=Naelyon ruler of the western quarter.Earth=Grael ruler of the northern quarter.
  • If you would like to learn more about Dragon magick you can either e-mail me or go to my link to the Dragon magus!!

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