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Guide to the Entire Charmed with some new WB shows! This is a new page and where you need and want to be for NEW INFO!!

2 0 0 3-04 SEAsON 6

The guide to everything Charmed. Music listing and A Charmed Picture Episode Guide plus WB shows,SmallVille and more, music guides, MERCHANDISE on sale from all shows and a new Dr.Who video trade page! UPDATED FEB 2004 welcome

I Know you just saw this page right,on geocities right, WELL ENTER already you are only one click away from new stuff. This is the new angelfire! Your new home for NEW Season 8 CHArmed Merchandise!

Charmed Season 8 is here, in the USA . THIS site has not and will not be updated. But i still use my Dr.Who page on it. However Rose is on the show as Paige, and Kaley is also on the show now as Billie or something. I still watch it sometimes.

To those we lost and those who were lost while saving others. Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your families. GOD BLESS THE USA, UNITED WE STAND!

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to cast a spell here since the site started JAN. 1, 1999! one of the first during season one in 1998. On April 27, 1999 this counter was reset to zero, it had reached exactly 8,001 hits. So just add that to what we have now. This site closed for re-modling on June 12, 1999. This site re-opened on Friday the 13th of August 1999! Closed again Aug 2001 for updates. Re-opened OCT 31,2001. ALONG with the new look of ANGELFIRE!Going on strong in 2002-2003 and 2004