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BMXers ChatRooms OnLine NetWork Inc.

Welcome to BMXers ChatRooms OnLine NetWork Inc
The Chatrooms service has taken on a new look and feel.
BMXers ChatRooms OnLine NetWork Inc has merged with to bring together people with similar interests of BMX
and make it easy for them to communicate with each other.
The integration will provide you with more services and options.
We hope you enjoy chatting at BMXers ChatRooms OnLine NetWork Inc

ParaChat Powered To start chat, Type in your name where it says { User Name }.
Then Click { Ok, Connect } then chat with your BMX friends.

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BMXers ChatRooms OnLine NetWork Inc Chat Page # 2
BMX2 Chat room!

No one here to chat with?
Try letting people know that this is here.
email a friend with a date and time to be here
pass the word on, get a crowed in here.
make it FUN! Happy Chatting.....

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