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Photo Album

"A son is a warm spot in your heart and a smile on your lips."
Here is Adam B. Cleaveland (aka "Amu") as a precious baby boy! Charmingly innocent.

Sunday afternoon in the park.

And here is Adam and his favorite little sister!

Here Adam, on the beach in Naples, Florida, is having a good time in the sand!

Here Adam is showing his goofy side! This is at Allison's birthday party!

Adam, the big athlete!

What a coy look!

Grandmommy visiting from Kentucky.

Adam taking care of Uncle Mike!

Adam and Allison visiting their Grandparents in Illinois.

Taking a rest from hiking at Mt. Rainier.

Adam and Allison at Mt. Rainier.

"Oh, it was a cinch." Adam easily achieves his "Minnow" in Swimming Class.

Bedtime story with Daddy.

Young love. Does it get any better than this?

Check out the hair on that one!(On the seven-month old, that is!)

Twins for a day.

Adam and Allison with friend Tony the Baritone.

Open those sleepy eyes, Allison! Older brother looks on.

A Kodak moment for father and son.

Adam and one of his best little buddies, Stuart.

Adam with his friend Diana at her SPU Graduation.

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