"UKC GR CH/AKC CH AWD's Sweet Spirit Of AH's"


Sire: UKC CH AWD's Sweet William

Dam: UKC GR CH AWD's Amazing Grace

"Cerf - Normal" ~ "Optigen DNA - Pending" ~ "OFA - Good"

Please meet our first U.K.C. Grand Champion and now dual AKC Champion! The second addition to our family is UKC GR. CH./AKC CH. "PR" AWD's Sweet Spirit Of AH's (short for AngelHeart) She arrived at the wee age of 8 weeks and is now a saucie young lady and definitely lives up to her name of SPIRIT! She's a happy girl and full of life! She is such a snuggle bunny and always has an Eskie smile for everyone in her path. But, trust me..she REALLY lives up to her name! She was born on April 15, 1998, Tax Day, and she's been taxing me ever since!   Click Here To View Spirit's Pedigree!

Talk about a sweetie, this is just too cute for words...the Anne Geddes of the doggie world! Now, tell me, our babies aren't spoiled are they? I don't think so, this is just normal for us!

We have our dog's photos taken every three months up to the age of one year. It gives us a good view of how they have developed over the year and a lot of cute photos to boot! The studio loves to see us coming, they even keep treats on hand for the girls now!

Spirit was about 3 - 4 months old here and this was her most favorite place to camp... The hottub is now long gone but her spot remains in the same place. She has a eagle's view of the whole deck and the sliding door and she is always the one to stay on top of what's going on in her world.

But I think this is my most favorite one. I use it to show folks how intellectual these little guys are. This was on the day that Spirit graduated "My Cappa Beta Green"!

Spirit was about a year old here. Such a regal girl, but of course she knows it. She is a VERY sweet and loving girl. Never imposing, but oh so much the imp!

This is Spirit at about three to four years old. A beautiful, mature girl in ALMOST all ways! Behind her Eskie grin lurks those puppy ways. She'll be the first of my girls to find a hidden chocolate bar or wait until one of the other girls turn their backs and steal their chewie. But out of all my girls, she is the most loving and tremendously sweet girl. She slept on my pillow at night and always reserved a kiss on the cheek for me before I turned over to go to sleep. I think if one ever had such a thing as a soul dog, this girl would have most certainly been the one!