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"AH's Gabriel's Song Of The Trump, CGC, VC"

Seven's Pedigree

*Seven is available at stud to approved females*

Nat'l 2013


On February 8, 2011 our girl UKC GRCH/AKC CH/CKC CH/IABCA INT’L CH Kiva-AH’s A Moment In Time, CGC “Journey” gave birth to her first litter of five little boys and one little girl.  The litter was sired by UKC GRCH/AKC CH Fuji’s After Burner, CGC “Turbo”. 

As a small breeder located in the city I had not planned to keep a puppy from this litter… And since I only kept girls the one girl we had was promised already.  I’ve never kept a male from this breed and had never planned to because of the girls on premise… However, a friend said, “If you decide to keep a boy he could come visit when his mom was in season.” That opened a door of possibilities I’d not considered before so I began to really watch the litter in a different light.

There was this one little yellow collar boy that kept catching my eye. I had always called him the “observer” since he usually would be sitting back away from the pack while they were being naughty and rowdy; rushing to the front of the pen when someone entered the room.  He was quiet and observant but out of the six of them the most relaxed and attentive and obviously much attached to me.  I couldn’t shake the feeling that perhaps this little boy had a place here with us.

I had the litter evaluated with little yellow collar heading the list of pick puppy for the litter.  At that point his fate and mine were sealed.  I had already come to adore him, was already deciding on what I was going to name him, had announced to my friend that yes, okay…. I was keeping a male from this litter.  She laughed and said, “Hell has finally frozen over, Lynn is keeping a boy dog!”  Little did I know what journey we were about to embark on!

Named AH’s Gabriel’s Song Of The Trump aka “Seven” because Gabriel was the seventh Arch Angel in Heaven, seven is the number of perfection of Heaven and my favorite number, and because he is the actually the seventh American Eskimo Dog I’ve kept for myself in this breed.  He has absolutely been a gift from Heaven to me!!!

Seven attended his first Novice Puppy shows in July of 2011 earning 1 RBIMBS Puppy and 3 BIMBS Puppy out of six shows that weekend!  He finished his UKC Champion title September 2011 at the tender age of seven months.  He completed his UKC Grand Champion title April 2012 at the age of fourteen months.  Seven ended the year 2012 #2 in UKC’s Top Ten.  He also completed his CGC title February 2012 at one year of age. 

Our young man has earned multiple RBIMBS & BIMBS awards along with multiple group wins in his young years and is currently ranked in UKC’s Top Ten for 2013.  He is an AKC CH with one point needed to finish his AKC GR CH title and major pointed CKC Canadian needing just a few single points to finish his CKC CH title. 

To have earned the rank and title of National Grand Champion/National Best Of Breed and a Best In Multi-Breed Show at our National show is an honor of a lifetime!  Something we’ve worked toward for a very long time...  To have it actually come to fruition was an amazing thing!  I have to say that when our judge called the armband number for his pick of the class… I actually had to look at my number to make sure I heard correctly…  You could have knocked me over with a feather I was so overwhelmed! 

I wish to thank all our judges who have awarded Seven’s accomplishments these past two years and especially honorable judge Patrick O’Donnell for his placement and award of Nat’l GR CH/Nat’l BOB to Seven and the esteemed award of Best In Multi-Breed Show on our National day!

Seven On The Deck

Sire: UKC GR CH/AKC CH Fuji's After Burner, CGC aka "Turbo"

Dam: UKC GR CH/AKC CH/CKC CH/INT'L CH Kiva-AH's A Moment In Time, AOM CGC aka "Journey"

"Optigen DNA - Eyes Pattern A" "Cerf Normal" ~ "OFA - Hips Good"  

"Seven" is our newest 2011 addition to AngelHeart-Eskies.

Sevens Head Shot

Seven & Da GirlsOur first male that we've ever kept in this breed.  About 12 weeks in the picture to the left... Always watching, intent on what was going on in the household.  So much more attentive than the girls ever were at this age.

Named Seven because he's actually the seventh American Eskimo Dog I've ever kept and the number seven is one of my favorite numbers... Let's see if it holds true :-)

In the picture to the right you can see him already learning the ropes of the deck.  His Auntie Hope to his left, with mom Journey in the middle and Hope's dam Ruby to the far right.  He was already a member of the pack at such a small age.. And such a joy to watch as he interacted with "Da Girls".


Seven 14 Weeks

Fourteen weeks with the goofiest look on his face..  I was told that boy dogs were much different than the girls.  I'm beginning to find that out.  While the girls are loving and interactive it seems as though this little boy is very much more focused on me and more willing to lie on the recliner with me in the evenings. More so than his dam Journey ever was and she was a regular cling-on at this age.  

Seven At 5 Months

Five months old here and attending his very first UKC show as a Novice Puppy.  Standing by the ring watching what's going on.  He really enjoyed being out in the grass and around the other dogs.  

He did quite well at the 2011 UKC Washington Classic. He earned one Reserve Best In show Novice Puppy and three Best In Show Novice Puppy out of six shows total. These are his ribbons we took back to the office on Monday...

Sevens Rainbow Ribbons

2011 UKC Washington Classic

Seven's win pictures from the Washington Classic.  

Reserve Best In Show Novice Puppy
Best In Show Novice Puppy
Best In Show Novice Puppy
Sevens Ribbons

We had a wonderful time at the Classic as you can see.  I'm excited to enter Seven in regular classes and look forward to his upcoming UKC, AKC & CKC career as he matures and makes his mark!

Sevens Ribbons Again


Seven finished his UKC Champion title September 25, 2011 at the age of seven months with Best Of Winners Major adding to his Best Of Winners Major from Madras, OR show in August.  He also had a couple of Best Males to go with them.  Now we start our Champion Class competition and see how we do...  We'll need 5 Champion Class wins to finish his Grand Champion title with UKC...

Seven BOW Madras
Sevens BOW St Helens & New UKC CH

Canadian Kennel Club News

Sevens BOB Win Tradex, BC

Seven earned Best Of Breed, Best Puppy of Breed, and Best Bred By Exhibitor of Breed both Saturday and Sunday at the Canadian Tradex Show Halloween  weekend 2011.  He also took us to group both days and on Saturday he made the cut out of 18 dogs in the group.  The judge pulled 8 dogs out for her final cut and while he didn't place 1st through 4th just making the cut at such a young age was an awesome win for me.  He was just 8 months old.

The fun part was that they were taping that day for TSN to be aired mid December 2011.  So we've been on TV already.  I've ordered the DVD to watch once it arrives.    

An even better win that day was Bred By Exhibitor Group... Seven earned Best Bred By Exhibitor in Group that day.  I can't tell you how wonderful that made me feel.  Believe it or not......it would have superseded even a Best In Show.. It's the icing on the cake for a breeder... :-)

The 2012 show season is upon us starting this month January 2012... We have the Puyallup, WA show mid January, Portland, OR the 3rd weekend of January and then we're leaving for Phoenix, AZ for the UKC shows the last weekend of January. Here's hoping we have more to add to this page.

Seven 8 Months

AH's Gabriel's Song Of The Trump at 8 months

Here's a link for our on-going photo album for Seven.  I plan to continue to add to it as he grows. Come back and visit often and watch our newest addition as he matures and continues his conformation career!