Our Mission Statement

We strive to breed to the written standard of the American Eskimo Dog and endeavor to create, through our on-going breeding program, a puppy that is as equal to or greater than the parents that they were bred from.  Temperament is the number one important criteria on our list followed by conformation.  Our belief is, you can have the most beautiful animal in the world, but if you can't put your hands on it, you have nothing.  We test all of our breeding stock prior to any breeding program for Progressive Retinal Atrophy with the newest DNA testing available.  Hips are x-rayed after the age of two years old and certified free of any hereditary or degenerative problems that could be passed on to our progeny.  We have those certificates on file.  We adhere to the ethics of the United Kennel Club, the American Kennel Club and the Canadian Kennel Club and we are members in good standing with those registries.

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"The T.R.O.O.P"

Our Very First Litter Of American Eskimo Dogs - 1998

UKC CH Wright's Mercedes Snow Angel "Mercy" and UKC GR CH/AKC CH A-Joy's One Lucky Tucker "Tucker" became the parents of 5 little girls born 7/26/98....  they arrived on one of the hottest days of the year in Seattle that we had experienced to date ...  100 degrees in the whelping box. We considered them our new little "Gems" so we named them TOPAZ, RUBY, ONYX, OPAL, AND PEARL.  If you take the first letter of each of their names it spells out the word T.R.O.O.P. so that's why we called this litter, The T.R.O.O.P. litter.......

The puppies were about 7 weeks old in this photo. I couldn't have gotten a better picture if I had actually posed them myself.  What a bunch of hams, huh? 

Upcoming Breeding & Litter Information

We will not be breeding future litters of our own until at least 2018.  Journey is now retired and we are in the process of aquiring our new foundation girl..  I will be posting here in the future as to our upcoming breeding plans.

Seven is available at stud to approved females.  He is PRA "Clear" and OFA "Good".  He is a UKC Nat'l GR/Nat'l BOB GR Champion, AKC GR Champion (halfway to his bronze), CKC Canadian CH, IABCA Int'l/Nat'l/Honors CH, and has earned his Canine Good Citizen title.  He is a lovely representation of our breed and has extraordinary temperament. Feel free to email us at anglhrt@earthlink.net if you are interested.  


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2011-2014 Litter Information


Please scroll down our page for 2011-2014 puppy information.  For more pictures and information on past litters please follow this link Past Litter Information 

Last Hurrah Litter

UKC GRCH/AKC CH/IABCA INT'L CH AH's Langley Mars of A-Joy's





Litter Whelped 2/24/14

Puppy Puddle

A repeat breeding with Langley a boy from our 2002 Breeding of our girl Mercedes to our favorite boy Tucker belonging to A-Joy's kennels.  Their previous litter of 18 months ago produced some beautiful puppies, one of which is doing extremely well both in the UKC ring and AKC ring.  Hoping we have as nice a litter as their older siblings turned out to be...  

We celebrated the arrival of four boys and one little girl..  L-R... Yellow collar boy "Harvey", Black collar boy "Harold", Green collar boy "Henri', Red collar boy "Horace" and our little Pink collar girl, "Hannah".  Hannah is a little green right now from placental liquids that dyed her coat green at delivery.  She was a c-section pup to get her here safely. The green will fade in time.. :-)  All named for my record purposes with "H" names for the "Last Hurrah" litter. Pups will get all new names when they go to their new forever homes..  Hannah already has her new name... It will be AH's Shimmering Snow Lilly and her call name will be "Lilly".

Moonstruck Litter 2012

UKC GRCH/AKC CH/IABCA INT'L CH AH's Langley Mars of A-Joy's





Litter Whelped 9/2/12

Langley is a boy from our 2002 Breeding of our girl Mercedes and our favorite boy Tucker belonging to A-Joy's kennels. Mercy and Tucker are no longer with us but in this litter their qualities will live on.  I'm excited to see what these babies will grow into and feel that their grandparents qualities coupled with Langley and Journey's outstanding temperaments and conformation will exceed my expectations.  

Moonstruck litter 9/2/2012

I love this type of photo and call it a PUPPY PUDDLE picture.

Journey delivered four healthy babies on September 2, 2012.... Two boys and two girls.  One boy is going to live with his sire for a show home. The other male, should his temperament provide, will be going to a home to work with her therapy program, one girl to a pet home and the other hopefully to a show home. Watch our page as we add photos as they grow and my favorites..... lot's of videos Left to right is Blue/Cosmo (male), Red/Nicolas (male), Pink/Cher (female), and Yellow/Olympia (female)..  

Epiphany Litter - 3/1/2012

We have a brand new litter of four boys, a repeat breeding between Journey and Turbo.  Puppies were born on March 1, 2012.   We are currently taking reservations from prospective puppy owners.  We're calling this litter the "Epiphany Litter" since the breeding was so close to the 2012 Epiphany on January 6, 2012... and of course during another holiday event... LOL.  The four boys are being called  Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in celebration of the holiday theme.

New Puppies 3.1.12

Our "Epiphany Litter" Whelped 3.1.12

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This is the previous litter of Journey and Turbo's with information on the parents.

Holly Daze Litter - 2/8/11

Journey Babies 2.8.11

Our "Holly Daze Litter Whelped 2.8.11

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Journey delivered her first litter named the  "Holly Daze" litter on February 8, 2011.  Close to another holiday.... My girls always seem to be being bred at holiday times or having puppies during them.  Thus the reason for the naming of this litter since she was bred right before Christmas and puppies born right before Valentines.  All of these puppies have gone on to their new homes except one exceptional boy.  We kept a pick male from this litter and have named him "Seven".  Watch for him in the ring... I expect him to do very well.  Journey's dam produced 3 litters from repeat breedings with Journey's sire and each puppy from each litter has gone on to achieve their UKC, AKC champion titles at very early ages.  We expect nothing less from this litter. 

JourneyIntlCh2 28.1.jpg

Journey finished #2 in UKC's Top Ten in 2009, #1 in UKC's Top Ten in the Pacific NW 2009 & #10 UKC's Top Ten in 2010 showing in only one UKC show that year.  She's a finished UKC GR CH, AKC CH, CKC CH, Int'l CH, and has earned her Canine Good Citizen certificate all before the age of 2 years old.  In October 2010 she finished her Canadian Champion title in 7 shows earning Best Of Breed in all of them.  She finished #1 Miniature American Eskimo Dog in Canada for 2010 earning a two year invitation to Eukanuba either in 2011 or 2012.  We'll probably be going in December 2012.

Kiva-AH’s A Moment In Time

UKC GR CH – AKC CH – Canadian CH INT'l CH

Canine Good Citizen Certified

Service Dog For Medical Alert

 Optigen DNA - “Clear”

Hips OFA’d - “Good”



Fuji’s After Burner


Canine Good Citizen Certified

Titled in Carting

Optigen DNA - “Clear”

Hips OFA’d - “Excellent”

We’d be pleased to meet with prospective puppy buyers for our litter and have you meet our girls.  We love to share with others about this wonderful breed called “The Dog Beautiful".  Just let us know so we can make arrangements. 

Please fill out our Puppy Search Questionnaire if you are interested in acquiring one of our puppies when they're ready to go to their new homes..