"UKC GR CH/AKC CH/INT'L CH Crystal-AH's A Measure Of Faith"


Sire: UKC GR CH/AKC CH A-Joy's One Lucky Tucker

Dam: UKC GR CH Wright's Crystal Lace

"Cerf - Normal" ~ "Optigen DNA - Pattern B" ~ "OFA - Good"

"Faith" is our fourth American Eskimo girl. She came at one of the most difficult times of my life. I've named her in honor of a wonderful man that shared his life with me for 28 years....he always told me "Whatever happens, just hang on to your Faith" Please meet our future grand champion..."PR" Crystal-AH's A Measure Of Faith!   Click Here To View Faith's Pedigree.

If this innocent face makes you think she is a perfect angel...just think again. Notice she is sitting by the hose? Well, her favorite past-time is swimming in her water bowl....she just wants to stay close to the hose to make sure the bowl get's filled back up when she empties it! Her one Gramma's going to rename her Mark "Spitz".....LOL!

This is one of the photos I have that I call "Hanging On To Faith". This girl is such a happy girl, always smiling and into everything...each time I pick her up to hold her she reminds me of the journey I'm on, where I've been and where I'm going...

Our Faith became a UKC Champion on 8/26/01 on my grandson's 12th birthday. These guys seem to pick special dates that make it easy to remember their accomplishments! She finished her Championship with 3, Best Females and prior to that aquired 2 Best Novice Puppy of Breed and 1 Best Novice Puppy In Show. Now we can go forward in Champion Class and finish her Grand Champion title....not too fast though, I'd like to savor the time we have to show as she will be my last puppy for a while. After UKC we do have AKC and my plans for her is a possible showing at Westminster Kennel Show in a couple of years...

Faith finished her AKC title November 2003 after a brief whirlwind of showing. She finished with a Winner's Bitch & Best Of Opposite Sex which also included her last major points to finish her title with. We'll now be able to concentrate on her UKC Grand Champion title and from there, well who knows! Faith has been a joy to show, she has that "Take A Look At Me" attitude and loves to be out in the show arena. However, her most favorite place to be is right up there in my lap thinking she is still the small puppy she used to be....that's not quite the case, but we'll let her keep thinking it is...LOL!

Faith earned two championship wins Memorial weekend 2004 taking a "Best Of Breed" in her second show of the afternoon. It's always fun to have a chance at one of those magical moments when everything comes together and the unexpected happens! She needs just one more Champion Class win to finish her UKC Grand Champion title. We'll probably put that on the back burner for a while though. Our plans are for her first litter sometime this fall which means we'll be breeding her sometime in the next few months. Can't wait to see what her puppies will be like. If they are anything like their mom they will be a credit to her in every way!

Faith finished her UKC GR CH title in a big way at the 2005 UKC Washington Classic on July 9, 2005 taking her fifth champion class win under judge J. Ray Johnson, a Best Of Breed and a Group 1 Northern Breeds allowing me a run in the Best In Show ring. This on the same weekend four years ago that we finished our very first GR CH title with our girl Spirit.

I can't imagine how proud Cees would be knowing that the simple statement he made to me the day he held this little ball of fluff in his hands saying, "Whatever happens, hold on to your Faith" would make such a big difference in my life in more ways than just one!

Cees & Faith at 5 weeks old - June 2000