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-The Weasel News Update Page-

Look out for when your favorite Sonic The Hedgehog comic books comes in!:
Sonic The Hedgehog No.37 - 02/24/2021 [ANOTHER ADVENTURE IN SONIC!]

Sonic The Hedgehog Bad Guys No.4 - 12/23/2020 [Oooh! BAD GUYS - YIKES!]
Sources: Diamond Comics


-YAWN! UPDATE NOTICE 11/01/2018- - Okay everyone, I know I haven't been doing much updates on here, except for putting up decorations and updating when Sonic Comics are coming out. Here's the thing, there's not much if any news on that Sega character Nack The Weasel, and I am aware of Nack showing in the latest Sonic Mania game, and the past Sonic (Archie Comics) comics. While I'm still a total Sonic & Nack fan, I'm just grown... -Yawn!- A little tired and a little bored of updating on the fun little weasel. So, what does mean? Well, I'll keep this site running for at least a few more years (like maybe after 2020) and then see from there... I've however enjoyed all fun put into making this site and I hope you enjoyed it too. Until then, I still be around updating when Sonic Comic are out, putting out the decorations out to enjoy. :)

-UPDATE: WEB LINKS UPDATED! 09/14/2017- - Website Links page has been updated with some new websites added and old ones updated or removed. Oh! By the way, my art gallery Side7 is back up. More to come soon...

-UPDATE ART GALLERY DOWN AND NO SONIC COMICS 06/30/2017- - Hi, if you tried to go on to my Side7 art gallery, it's down at the moment; they are updating their servers. I'm sure you noticed that Sonic The Hedgehog comics have not been coming out, you can look at what's going on at Sonic Stadium *Shrugs* Who knows what's going on with that.

-UPDATE HERE 07/07/2016- Hey everyone, I'm doing away with the guestbook, webrings, and web poll. No one really sign it, or votes in the poll, so it's time to do away with it. My art gallery is still around, but I haven't been updating it much lately. I'm still around, but just not much news about Nack The Weasel. Except he was in Sonic The Hedgehog No.283 yay! :) Later.

-I'M STILL AROUND BUT PETITION ONLINE ISN'T 10/02/2014- Hi there, I'm still around. I did little research and found that the website Petition Online is shutting down, but one can still do petitions on another website called Which means I'll have to take down the petition on the front page for the time being. Maybe someone will make another petition, and in the meantime maybe I'll put a support Nack picture or something. Sorry about that.
I did just find a link to the Walt Disney Home Entertainment Release The Disney Afternoon Era Shows on DVD and have replaced the link the Bonkers button.

-TWO MORE NEW PICS 01/05/2012- Hi, not much of an update, but put a new pic from KTE#26 (more coming soon) and a new pic from Sonic issue 122.

-HAPPY NEW YEAR! FIVE NEW PICS! 01/04/2012- Hey there, here's an update on the "Weasel Photo Corner". Five new pics: One on STT; and get this Nack made a cameo appearance on "Sonic Generations", there's three pics(YAY! I know it just a poster but hey it's something), and one on "Sonic The Comic".

One more thing, here's a interesting link: Sonic Wikia - Talk: Fang More updates coming soon!

-WARNING! REMOVING MY STORIES! 08/05/2011- Heads up everyone, I am going to remove some of "my" stories off of which means I'll remove the links here on Weasel Galore. Here's what is to be removed:
Secret Admirer Mix Up,
The Oddest Things can be True,
Two Hunters on a Case,
Trouble-Some Trouble Haunts Her,
The Rat behind the Offer, and
The One Who They Call Crusher.
But "Chaos Emerald: Wanted!" will remain here and on If anyone has a problem with any of the stories being removed, please let me know. I am working on a brand new story as we speak called "New Partners and One Silvery Past". I will give details on the story soon. Plus, I've removed old news updates here if you haven't noticed. I removed 2008-2009... Ah! That's better. More come, later!

-HEY! HEY! WEASEL PHOTO CORNER PAGE UPDATED! 04/04/2011- Hey everyone, I know it's been a while since there was a good update. I've update the "Weasel Photo Corner" page with new scans of the "Sonic Universe" series numbers #22, #23, & #24. Plus, check it out Nack has a NEW team with him known as the "Hooligan Team", members are "Bean The Dynamite" (a real nutcase O_o) and "Bark The Polar Bear". Check out my art gallery, as well. More Updates to come, stay tooned! :)

-HAPPY 2011 EVERYONE! 01/01/2011- Hey, Happy new years! Check out the art gallery, there are 8 new art pieces posted and I will be some more soon. Plus, there will be more comic scans coming soon and maybe some stories... who knows... Keep watching! Later! ^_~

-BREAKING NEWS! SONIC UNIVERSE COMIC #22 10/13/2010- Hey Weasel-fans! Be on the look-out for "Sonic Universe No.22" next month (November). Nack or Nic... (can't tell from the small cover) will be appearing Sonic Universe comic #22. And no. No jokes here, I'm NOT playing gags here! Yay! See for Sonic Universe 22 next month everyone! Later! ^_^

-IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN!!! 10/11/2010- - Greetings everyone, it's fall time and Halloween and Thanksgiving time again. Boy, does time fly like "Tails" and airplane. -Laughs!- Well, I know I haven't been doing much updating like putting any "Nackie" stories, pictures/comic scans, and what have. I been busy with things in life, but will do somekind of updates soon. Just want you to know I have not disappear for good. "AngelFire" here has upgraded it self and had a makeover, but website is still the same and still here. Enjoy the fun Halloween decs that I put up! ^_^

-NOTHING WILD JUST SOME NEWS TO TELL! 07/07/2010- Hi there everyone, not to worry I am still around. There's just not much going on for updates, plus I am busy with things in my life. Anyway, good news for the website "Sonic-Gif" it's back. Yay! :) There's a "Tails" artwork contest, check it out in "Sonic Universe NO.17". A new Sonic game will be coming out called "Sonic Colors" for "Nintendo DS", sorry I don't have the date. "The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog Vol.3 DVD" is out, check out "Shout! Factory" website or "" . When I get the time, I'll put things here So hang in there!

-HAPPY NEW YEARS OF 2010 EVERYONE! 01/03/2010- - Hey there everyone, I hope you all are having a happy new 2010 year! I put the update on Sonic The Hedgehog No.208 early because I just happen to see the "Upcoming shipment update", so don't miss it! ^_~ Also, on "Archie Comics News" page, I seen that they are going to have a "Free comic book day Sonic The Hedgehog 2010". Pretty cool Huh?!! Enjoy! ^_^

-EVER WONDER WHO CREATED NACK THE WEASEL?!? 12/03/2009- Get a load of this! I found this in late August, but was kinda busy to put it up. There a web page that tells about who the creator Nack is, it's very interesting check it out.
Touma: The Man Who Birthed a Sniper

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