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Rules and Ideas

[Note: That picture is NOT mine, it`s Renegade`s from The credit goes to him. ^_^] Here`s somethings I want you to know. (Note: I`m not trying to be harsh!)
1. Feel free to send me pictures and ideas. I don`t want to see dirty rated M pictures, real dirty sexual like graphics.
2. I would like to see is MILD pictures of Nack, (other characters that relate to him) and any of my characters I put up. It`s okay to have some blood and bruises, but NO gore or broken bones. You can make 3D graphics of Nack or my characters, I have always wanted to see Sega put Nack in a game (like Game Cube).
3. Please don`t send me links to "DeviantArts" galleries, that really hurts to see any of you put your art on that web site. So feel free to E-mail me at: