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Star Wars in 30 Seconds

Star Wars! Doda do, clean the droid. Beep bo beep. Help me Obi-Wan! I should save Leia! I've got you now. Obi-Wan, we meet again. I'm a ghost. Use the Force, Luke. I can't! Okay. No more Death Star! I love you, Luke.

Part Two: The Empire Strikes Back. Grrrr. Burr! It's cold! Woof. The Empire! Runaway! Hmmm, you are a Jedi like your dad. Wow! I am your father. My hand!

Part Three: Return of the Jedi. Wow, look at Leia's bikini. It's Jabba! Look little bears. Come to the Dark Side. No! Yes! I can't kill you, Dad. I'll do it. Ahhhh! Leia you're my sister. Pig. Huh? I love you, Han. Thanks. The End.

There, now you're ready to see Phantom.