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Top Ten Evil Quotes in Star Wars

10. "You will be. You will be." -Yoda

9. "Fear will keep the local systems in line, fear of this battle station." -Tarkin

8. "Bring me the passengers. I want them alive." -Vader

7. "I grow tired of asking so it will be the last time. Where is the rebel base?" -Tarkin

6. "Young fool. Only now, at the end, do you understand." -the Emperor

5. "So be it, Jedi." -the Emperor

4. "Wipe them out. All of them." -Sidious

3. "We will then crush the rebellion with one swift stroke." -Tarkin

2. "I shall enjoy watching you die." -Jabba

1. "And now, young Skywalker, you will die." -the Emperor