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A Photo Study of Holy Land USA

Welcome to my little corner of blasphemous insanity.

There's much to explain before you can fully understand the wonder which is Holy Land.
First, I should introduce my friend, the DISCLAIMER.

If you (are):

A. Christian and easily (and in this case, perhaps rightly so) offened by broken relgious statues, etc, do not view the pictures. They were taken as part of an artistic study and DO NOT represent my or my friend's beliefs.

B. A small child who has not yet had your innocence blown up by the media.

C. Do not like seeing humanity at it's best (NOTE: sarcasim).

D. Once went to Holy Land when you were a wee babe, before it became Disney Land for the damned.


With that off my chest, I offer you my study of Holy Land USA:
a Christian faith based theme park perched atop a craggy hill in the middle of Waterbury, Connecticut.

At last...the photos!


'Holy Land's Pride'

'Double Vision'







'Jesus' Fingers'

These are but a few that I'm working on posting,
so check back often and be sure to let me know what you thought!

Some interesting photos and other fun facts about Holy Land USA:

Holy Land USA

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