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Phonograph Needles

The finest quality of 78 RPM steel needles are here for your listening pleasure.

Available in packs of 100 needles

      As you may know, steel needles should only be used for 1 to 2 plays and then discarded. They're never to be used for 3 or more plays. If you have needles that are scattered about the phonograph, it's best not to use them becasue they could do fast, severe damage to your records. Most of the needles, if not all of them, laying inside the top of the phonograph could have been used 10 to 50 years ago and putting a used needle back into the reproducer is not recommended. The first time the needle was used, the tip was ground down to the shape of the record groove. By putting the needle back into the reproducer, you're creating a lathe because the needle will cut right into the sides of groove of the record. Your best bet would be to call us up and order more needles. We ship out the next day.

      The technology of the time was that the tip of the steel needles would wear quickly to the shape of the groove in the record. Ground greenstone was added to the mixture of shellac and carbon black when the records were pressed in molds to be made. The greenstone acted like a pumice to come in contact with the needle and grind it to shape quickly. After two full plays of the record, the needle becomes worn down and that is when record damage starts.

      We offer "High Grade Multi-Play Nickel Plated Steel Phonograph Needles," which are made by the same manufacturer that has made phonograph needles since the phonographs were made all those years ago.

      The needles come in two types: soft tone and loud tone. For better listening pleasure, the loud tone needles work best with the earlier records made prior to 1920. The loud tone needles can be used anytime that a louder volume is desired. On worn records, soft tone needles work best. Not only do they offer a quieter, sweeter sound, they also reduce on buzzing of the reproducer as well as noise created from worn spots on the record.

      Those of you with external-horn machines should consider getting a mixture of needles, both soft and loud tone. With no volume control on your machine, you'd need to use either type of record to offer the greatest amount of sound when needed. This is the same way the customers in the past had to listen to their machine. If the machine was in a small room and didn't need much volume, they'd use the soft tone. The loud tone would be used if they were listening to the music outside or if they were in a large room with alot of friends and family.

Here are our prices:

# of packs              Price              Approx. S/H/I
1-4              $4 per pack              $1 to $2
5 pack special              $17.50              $3
10 pack special              $30              $5
20 pack special              $50              $6

Needles come in packs of 100

If you need to order some of our needles, just send a check or money order to us by the prices above.

Victrola Repair Service
Attn: Needles
206 Cliff St.
St. Johnsbury, VT 05819

We also accept Visa, Mastercard, or Discover at our Toll-Free Number
10AM until 10PM Eastern Time
Monday through Friday

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      Examples of services we do are motor cleanings, reproducer rebuilds, spring repair and spring replacements. As for the other accessories, we also have record sleeves, cabinet cleaning products, record cleaning products, books, music on tapes, etc. I could keep listing products we carry but it'll be quicker and easier if you just visit our webpage.

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