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Military Vehicle Links

Many of our members also sell parts for many military vehicles.

Please advise us of other useful links that members might use

Vermont Militia Museum located at Camp Johnson in Colchester, VT

Military Vehicle Magazine

Military Vehicle Preservation Association

Bruce Byrd's great new online museum of WWII Black veterans.

Memphis Equipment (Deuce Parts)

Mighty Joe Young Truck Sales

GOT HALFTRACKS? Gary Hebding does, and parts also., a great Mil jeep site, according to Guy

Last World War I Veteran remembered

Goverment Liquidations

Riv-Rad Inc. MUTT Parts

Portrayal Press Repro Manuals

Frontline Miltary Vehicles

Our friends at the South Australia Military Vehicle Collectors Society, and a great Museum virtual tour

The Arrowhead club chapter of the MVPA, website

The Merrimac Valley Military Vehicle Club, the people who bring us the Weare Rally; the group responsible for Ronzo, Hankie, and Steve.

Nige's MONSTER web site from the Old World. A great resource for all things loud and green.

Web page dedicated to World War II Chevs and GMCs, courtesy of Bob Muller.

Ted's authoritative web site on WWII era Fire trucks - very well researched!!