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The Perfect Dark & GoldenEye Elite
Subsidiary Rivalry & Strategy Index

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Last Updated by Andrew Kent on December 28th, 2004
Can you believe it took me 18 months to bust out a second update???
Or that it took me just 1 month to bring about the third update???
Then I just had to add Thomas' GE n00b Rivalry; 4½ months later. =D

Thanks to somebody for something.
Yes, the applets are gone. Damn baby apples. They sucked.

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Subsidiaries & Related Pages

The RARE FPS Rankings (GoldenEye Plus Perfect Dark)

A Jon Barber Supersite, it lists the total First Person Shooter times of players who compete in GoldenEye and Perfect Dark. The catch is that you must be ranked inside the Top 75 (now 100) of each game (now in both time and points) to be placed here. Not many players achieve this. At this time only 24 make the list with another 7 qualifying but having been excluded for various reasons.

The RARE FPS Speed Run Challenge Rankings

Page listing results of The Elite's Agent and 00 Agent completion challenge of June 2004. Contains Rankings for all charts and some historical information aswell. Organised by Derek Clark and run by me.

The GoldenEye & Perfect Dark Clubs

Long-standing members will remember the way Paragon used to speak in rhapsody of being the first to complete each PD stage in under four minutes mission time. I know not whether he was the first, but he certainly did achieve it! Others have, too. So this page commemorates the effort of those who reduced all stage times to below important barriers. Apart from the coveted five and four minute barriers for GE and PD respectively, there are also charts for the revered 4:30 and 3:30 barriers in those respective games. Another page run by yours truly.

The Perfect Dark Firing Range Leagues

Old (Defunct)
The Perfect Dark Firing Range

Gold -- Silver -- Bronze

So, you've managed to get all the Bronze, Silver and Gold medals for every gun? What's your best time for DY357-LX Gold??? Dirk Olson (Darklich) ran a WR and Rankings page for every gun on all three difficulties. Since that stopped being active, Nathan and Nicholas organised one for the N64HS.

The Perfect Dark Gadget Training Room

PD Gadget Training Records


A similar page listing all the best times for testing Gadgets such as the CamSpy and Night Vision Goggles was run by Greg Lavery (CaptZeebo). After also passing into obscurity Nathan and Nicholas revived it.

The Perfect Dark Hologram Training Room

Old (Defunct)
PD Holo World Records


Apparently inactive and not being run by anybody (though originally by Greg Lavery), another page of the same sort listing times for the challenges in the Holo Training Room. Another N64HS-revived page.

The Perfect Dark Combat Simulation Leagues

Class A -- Class B -- Class C

Class A -- Class B -- Class C

An investment originally run by myself and now updated by Nicholas Harvey along with the rest of the N64HS, which lists players' statistics for the Combat Simulation. If you have a Title between 1 and 5, go to Class A. If between 6 and 10, Class B. If between 10 and 15, Class C. If below 15, you haven't really been trying very hard!

The Perfect Dark Combat Simulator Challenge Elite

Maintained and updated by DarkWrath, Master8327 and OctoInky, this page contains Top 10 times, Point and Time Rankings, WR Holders and Past Champions tables. It lists the best times for all 30 Challenges in the Perfect Dark Combat Simulator.

The Perfect Dark Cheater's League

Run by Luke Taylor (PerfectSky) and Brian King (PerfectlyDarkOne), it features links to a Bulletin Board, a Roster, and a Speed Guide. It has WR tables, point and time Rankings, and World Record Leaders tables.

The GoldenEye Licensed To Kill League

Now run by Bryan Youse (originally started by Greg Lavery), it features Top time tables for all 20 levels, including the recently conquered Surface 1 and Streets. In this League's settings, if you get shot once, you're a goner. It's got more than 50 competitors and includes Total Times, Point Rankings, and a difficulty calculator for each level.

Old (Defunct)
The Perfect Dark Licensed To Kill League

Perfect Dark :: License To Kill

Now maintained by Victor Lima (originally run jointly by Jon Barber (Ngamer), Chris Rayola (ExpertGamer64) and Greg Lavery, it follows the same principles as the GoldenEye page. It has some of the same stuff: a WR table and a Top time listing.

The GoldenEye Turbo Cheat Rankings

Many players have wondered how fast Dam Agent can be done with the Turbo cheat enabled, so here's the chance to find out! Greg Lavery runs this page listing Top times for all levels on all difficulties (except LTK), Points and Times Rankings, and World Record Leaders.

The GoldenEye & Perfect Dark Pointless Times

Brought about through the efforts of Jon Barber and Wouter Jansen, this lists the current times you'll need to achieve if you even want to get 1 point in either of the Elite's two main Rankings. It also lists Difficulty Total, Game Total and consequently RARE Total Times.

The Elite's Own Minesweeper Rivalry

Many people have spent sleepless nights in front of this wretched but nonetheless addictive low-tech game. This Rivalry based Rankings page set up by myself lists the times of many Elite members. A Rivalry based on what was on the "Minesweeper! (again)" thread in the General Chat section of the MB at that time.

Rivalries & Related Pages

THE GoldenEye Rivalry

A bout between nine of the GoldenEye Elite's most prolifically PRing top players. Around the point which this page was created by Greg Lavery, these players were all within the same 100 second total. It has spread out a little more now, but is still updated regularly and contains all the qualitative sections found in the GoldenEye Elite Rankings themselves.

Wouter Jansen Vs. Randy Buikema

There was once a time (though it may sound difficult to fathom) that the great w00ter's #1 spot in GE was under threat by Randy Buikema (Discombobulator). Disco came within 15 seconds of Wouter's total time if I recall correctly. This two-man Rivalry was established, amongst other reasons, so that players could quickly and easily see where these two masters won and lost against each other throughout the boards. It's a little outdated now, but in its suspended form, is a valuable piece of Elite history nonetheless.

Elite Sites Presented In Different Languages

English -- Français -- Português

Basically for everyone's convenience, The Elite's French members set up a French mirror of The Elite and update it regularly and present it all in French. It's a pretty neat idea actually. Don't bother clicking the English link because it's just The Elite (unless you didn't just come from there). The Spanish link is the Brazilian Nintendo Rankings for different systems but mostly N64, featuring both GoldenEye and Perfect Dark, and, alas, TWINE.

GoldenEye Elite Rankings & Rivalries by Country

Australia -- Brazil -- Françophone

It's obvious that The Elite is made up of players representing many different countries, and some of them have now got their own Rivalries, so that everyone can see how well they stack up against their own countrymen. There probably exist more of these but for now those are all I can find.

Perfect Dark Elite Rankings & Rivalries by Country

Australia -- Brazil -- Québécoise -- Française -- Françophone

With, now, over 300 players in the PD Elite Rankings, it can be difficult for any one player to evaluate their strength. That's what profiles are for, but many players like to see how they do compared to those in their country. On occasion, these groups form strong bonds (we can't let those guys beat us, etc.), so they've made their own Rankings to signify that they can really be an Elite within themselves. Okay, so I'm talking out of my hat, but it's a logical explanation!

Groups Within the Perfect Dark Elite, Not Confined to One Country

Australia Vs. France -- PAL Elite
Both Defunct (I think)

I wasn't around at the start of the Perfect Dark Rankings so I don't know the history (if any) of competition between France and Australia. The PAL Elite is basically made up of PAL players, which means basically Europe, Australia and New Zealand. And Tasmania. ;-)

Other GoldenEye Rivalries of All Sorts

Greg K. Vs. Goldenvinze Defunct -- Top Notch -- Adam/Harvey/Peter/Graham/Craig/Trent -- n00b

Okay. These ones are all completely different. Greg Vs. Vinze is GE and PD, and is a two-man Rivalry like Wouter Vs. Randy. Top Notch is a bunch of European players, though I don't know the connection. Adam/Harvey/Peter/Graham/Craig/Trent is like THE GE Rivalry, originally with four players within a space of around 140 seconds. It was expanded for some reason, and then all this other stuff happened. Adam Moore updates it. The Elite n00b Rivalry is for n00bs and includes Dan Furst, Jean-François Dubreuil, Tom Andrews, Matthew Kazuk, Robert Shepherd, Herman Yeung, Micky Wright and Adam Durkacz. Updated by Tom (aka wiwf).

Other Perfect Dark Rivalries of All Sorts

Death -- Fly -- Access Forbidden -- Pimpin Defunct -- Psychotic -- Revival Defunct -- Shade's Defunct -- Smackdown

These were created by different players for different reasons, but mainly they make really good browsing. There are plenty of these pages out there which weren't listed on the page, and some which were but the links didn't work. To get back to these ones though, they cover a wide variety of players and places.

Strategic Studies

Now that movies of runs for practically everything one could wish to view are very readily available
on the Overcash server, strategy pages have become somewhat superfluous, unfortunately.

GoldenEye World Record Strategies Central

The New GE Strats Central

A few players have submitted their strategies to this page and about half the missions are covered there now. Of course, now that The Elite has an enormous video database there's little need for strats. Still, a worthwhile page all the same. On the new page run by ST most missions are covered.

Perfect Dark World Record Strategies Central

This page lists many killer strats designed to help players to get better at PD by hearing how the masters did it. It by no means contains strats for every level on every difficulty, but it's got lots of useful information including Defection Agent for Dummies.


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