70s invasion ; SUZI QUATRO

updated as of March 22nd '05



our Suzi section on our homepage is kinda full, so were reviewing this one here, what a Great song this is in a new style which finds Suzi singing very compfortably........this is modern electro pop-rock with synths,........sounds like it was recorded sometime after the year 2000, not exactly sure when, it came on a cd from germany called Glam Rock Stars 2..............' YEA YOUR FACE JOB ??..........I REALLY CARE FOR, I'M TRYING TO TELL U, IT NEEDN'T BE BABY CAN' T U BE SO FEARFUL, JUST THINK ABOUT IT..........JUST THINK ABOUT IT, AND WAIT YOU'LL SEE, NOTHING WILL RESTRAIN YOUR MIND, I WILL NEVER BE UNKIND, JUST WANNA GET THOSE SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS, U WILL COME I WILL BE , DON' T PRETEND TO BE SO RELUCTANT, NO, NO NO SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS, COME ON BE GOOD TO ME, CAN' T U BE UNKIND, UNKNOW I WANT A DATE...........we'll say this song is surprisingly good, and she sounds like she's 20 yrs old here !


She spent the whole of last summer Lookin' out for a six foot two. She gave them all a good chance She was cool so she told 'em what to do. What she needs is a real special guy And if you knew her you would never wonder why. When you see her now you'll see her with a six foot two.

She never takes a chance She doesn't need romance. Her love is - rock hard - She never takes a chance. She never dates to dance

Her love is - rock hard - She goes to parties With a boyfriend hangin' on her arm No-one give her any lip No-one does her any harm

All the other girls hangin' in the hall. She got the boys all wishin' they could call She starts makin' out and someone's ringin# on the fire alarm. She never takes a chance ...

SUZI ; rare picture taken from POPSWOP magazine ' 73

We are all the same age inside -- Gertrude Stein

Every thought in consciousness has been born into form, a temporary form and then it dies and goes onto another form. You could say the whole world is consciousness having taken birth as form, manifesting as form temporarily, and then dying which means dissolving as form. What always remains is the essence of all that exists - consciousness itself. --Eckhart

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Suzi Quatro - 'The Race Is On' '78

Written by - Nicky Chinn & Mike Chapman

Go ahead and laugh at me Try to be the man you want to be Baby, it's not hard to see what's going on Well, maybe we should celebrate, drink champagne Why should we wait Why don't we ask some friends around They can help us play this game we've found Hey, let's bring everybody down Will we ever be ready for what we're heading for

Here we stand like a couple of fools And the race is on Hand in hand as we break the rules And the race is on What's the cost to the one who's lost When the race goes wrong You may say why begin when we both can't win But the race goes on Hand in hand like a couple of fools And the race is on

Well, surprise, surprise a few more lies Or do we simply call them alibis This life we lead ain't fooling either one of us Oh, and while we're having so much fun let's not forget The lonely ones Slowly falling out of love This game we play can be so rough Now maybe we've gone far enough But are you sure you know what we're heading for

Here we stand like a couple of fools...